Ch 1: The Role of a Manager

About This Chapter

Individuals just beginning their management career will feel more comfortable when they have a clear understanding of their roles. This chapter's engaging video lessons communicate the major responsibilities of a manager.

The Role of a Manager - Chapter Summary

This chapter helps new managers position themselves for success by providing tips on common duties and how to most effectively oversee other employees. Your first-time managers will learn about:

  • The importance of middle management
  • Roles and principles of management
  • Key managerial skills
  • The major management levels
  • Management's four main functions
  • The components of organizational management

Each one of these engaging video lessons concerning managerial roles can be completed in about 5 minutes. Practice quizzes accompany every lesson for managers to verify their understanding.

How It Helps

  • Promotes efficiency: Managers who understand the importance of middle management roles can motivate their team and build trust, which in turn can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Sets priorities: This chapter covers the order that managers' essential functions should be carried out so they know how to prioritize and balance their workload.
  • Boosts awareness: New managers will understand the particular responsibilities of each management tier.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, new managers will be able to:

  • Discuss the managerial roles that are needed in order to be effective
  • Understand certain skills that will benefit them and the organization
  • Outline the different management levels within an organization
  • Identify each of the major managerial functions
  • Explain what organizational management entails

6 Lessons in Chapter 1: The Role of a Manager
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Management Roles and Principles

1. Management Roles and Principles

Managers serve important roles in organizations. In this lesson, you'll learn about some of the key roles management plays in an organization and fundamental principles that management follows. A short quiz follows.

Essential Skills for First-Time Managers

2. Essential Skills for First-Time Managers

Becoming a first-time manager requires some essential skills to be effective. This lesson outlines the skills that new managers need to be successful in leading a team.

Management in Organizations: Top, Middle & Low-Level Managers

3. Management in Organizations: Top, Middle & Low-Level Managers

The role of a manager in organizations is complex. While managers can come in different shapes and sizes they all share the task of utilizing people and resources to achieve organizational goals. This lesson will discuss the roles and functions of management found in each of the three levels of management.

Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling

4. Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling

A person who holds a management position inside an organization is required to think strategically and conceptually in order to achieve organizational goals. This lesson will describe the four functions of management and how they relate to organizational success.

Principles of Organizational Management

5. Principles of Organizational Management

Many businesses today are complex systems that require more than ad hoc design and management. In this lesson, you'll discover some of the important principles of organizational management necessary to build a successful organization.

Practical Application: Management Skills Continuum Infographic

6. Practical Application: Management Skills Continuum Infographic

As you move from a supervisor role into upper management, conceptual skills become more crucial than technical skills, but human skills remain important. In this activity, you'll get an overview of the management skills continuum.

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