Ch 12: The Roman Republic Becomes an Empire

About This Chapter

Find out about the historical events that played a role in turning the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire by viewing these video lessons. Upon completing each lesson, take the accompanying short multiple-choice quiz to help you ascertain your understanding of the material.

The Roman Republic Becomes an Empire - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Ever heard the old saying, 'Rome wasn't built in a day?' That's sort of the theme of this chapter; the lessons trace the key figures and events that helped the Roman Republic become the Roman Empire. You'll learn about leaders like Augustus Caesar, explore the significance of Roman law and find out about daily life in the empire. The chapter's lessons provide details on topics like:

  • How leaders sought to reform the Republic
  • What factors contributed to the end of the Roman Republic
  • How Augustus Caesar became the Roman Empire's first emperor
  • What the significance of the Pax Romana is
  • How wealth affected the lives of Romans

Reform in the Roman Republic: The Gracchi, Marius & SullaFind out what caused tensions among the Romans and how leaders tried to bring social reforms to the Republic.
The Death of the Republic: Julius Caesar & PompeyDiscover the roles of Pompey and Julius Caesar in the fall of the Roman Republic.
The Early Roman Empire and the Reign of Augustus CaesarExplore the early Roman Empire and how Augustus Caesar came to power.
Roman Law and the Pax Romana: Definition, Meaning & HistoryLearn about the branches of Roman law and the historical impact of the Pax Romana.
Effect of Wealth on Daily Life in the Roman EmpireExamine the daily lives of the wealthy and the poor in the Roman Empire.

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