Ch 19: The Roman World in Transformation

About This Chapter

Watch engaging videos and explore the transformation of the Roman world, including changes during the Dark Ages. Use the quizzes that follow each lesson for self assessment.

The Roman World in Transformation - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The Dark Ages were a time of transformation for Rome, and in this chapter you'll see some of the events and religious conflicts that brought about changes in the region. The dynamic graphics used in these videos provide a clear picture of the invasions, cultural changes and threats to the Roman Catholic Church that characterized this period of transformation in the Roman world. When you've finished watching these lessons, you'll know about:

  • Impact of the Dark Ages on classical culture
  • Germanic tribes' invasion of Rome
  • Economic changes in Rome
  • Advancements introduced by Clovis
  • Conflict between Arianism and Iconoclasm
  • Roman economic changes in the Dark Ages

Video Objective
The Dark Ages: Loss of Classical Culture Highlight the various reasons for the loss of classical culture in the Dark Ages and how that loss impacted Roman history.
Germanic Tribes: Invasion in Rome Describe the different Germanic tribes that invaded Rome and their affect on the Empire.
Frankish History: Clovis and the Merovingians Study Clovis and his Merovingian Dynasty. Witness his efforts to unify the Franks and the cultural improvements that were abundant during his reign.
Early Church Conflicts: Arianism and Iconoclasm Illustrate the conflicts of the early church, and assess the destruction of religious images and the rise and fall of Arian Christianity.
Roman Economy in the Dark Ages Observe the changes in the Roman economy from farming through commercial trade. Describe the Roman economy's decline.

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