Ch 5: The Toltec Empire

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Boost your understanding of the Toltec Empire with these useful history lessons and quizzes. Access the chapter whenever you need to improve your Toltec civilization knowledge for an exam, homework assignment or class project.

The Toltec Empire - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, our expert instructors outline fundamental information about the Toltec Empire. As you work through these simple and entertaining lessons, you'll become familiar with the Toltec's culture, government, religion, inventions, art and much more. Complete the lesson quizzes and chapter exam to retain your knowledge, and revisit the lessons whenever you need to go over a particular term or concept. The online format of this chapter allows you to study at home, at school or when you're on the go. By the end of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the culture, people and social structure of the Toltec civilization
  • Assess the Toltec's political structure and government
  • Interpret the Toltec's religious symbols, temples and gods
  • Evaluate the contributions and inventions of the Toltec people
  • Identify artists, sculptures and architectural structures from the Toltec civilization
  • Summarize the life and work of Carlos Castaneda
  • Recognize quotes from Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: The Toltec Empire
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Toltec Civilization: People, Culture & Social Structure

1. Toltec Civilization: People, Culture & Social Structure

The Toltec Civilization, as ancestors to the mighty Aztecs, provided them with a rich heritage that allowed them to rule Mesoamerica before the coming of the Spanish. If you would like to learn more about the Toltecs, this lesson is for you.

The Toltec Empire: Government & Political Structure

2. The Toltec Empire: Government & Political Structure

The Toltec Empire was a militaristic civilization whose political structure reflected its war-like ways. In this lesson, we will examine Toltec government, as well as the Toltecs' rise and enigmatic downfall.

Toltec Religion: Gods, Temples & Symbols

3. Toltec Religion: Gods, Temples & Symbols

In this lesson, you will receive a basic overview of the major gods and goddesses in Toltec religion. You will also examine some symbols associated with these gods and goddesses. Some famous temples associated with these deities will also be mentioned.

Toltec Civilization: Contributions & Inventions

4. Toltec Civilization: Contributions & Inventions

Before the Aztecs, there were the Toltecs. In this lesson, we'll explore this mysterious ancient civilization, and see what cultural and economic impacts they had on Mesoamerica.

Art of the Toltec Empire: Artists, Sculpture & Architecture

5. Art of the Toltec Empire: Artists, Sculpture & Architecture

What kind of art and architecture did people create in early Mexico? The works of some cultures reflected war, gods and sacrifice. In this lesson, learn about the art and architecture of the Toltec Empire.

Carlos Castaneda: Biography, Books & Quotes

6. Carlos Castaneda: Biography, Books & Quotes

Find out about the life of Carlos Castaneda and his influence on the New Age Movement. Learn about his most famous works and the controversy surrounding his publications and his research.

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