Ch 1: The Veterinary Medical Team

About This Chapter

Revisit the various roles and responsibilities of a veterinary medical team when you watch this chapter's fun video lessons. Examine the educational prerequisites and read about some of the various careers that exist in the field.

The Veterinary Medical Team - Chapter Summary

This chapter is dedicated to exploring the duties of and requirements for veterinary medical team professionals and support staff. Discover what it takes to be a veterinary technician or a veterinary assistant. Once you have watched these animated video lessons, you could be able to:

  • List some of the industries in which veterinary medicine plays a role
  • Discuss the extensive schooling required of aspiring veterinarians
  • Describe society's expectations of veterinarians
  • Explain the education and certification requirements for veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants
  • Describe the responsibilities of front desk, support and maintenance personnel in veterinary offices
  • Discuss office management activities in veterinary medicine

You will examine these topics along with other facts about the veterinary medical team through this chapter's video lessons, which are entertaining and fun to watch. You can ask related questions of your lesson instructors, and study when it's convenient for you. Use the video tags to locate specific information in the video or read the included text transcripts instead. The self-assessment quizzes and the practice examination will ensure that you have understood what you studied in this chapter.

8 Lessons in Chapter 1: The Veterinary Medical Team
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What is Veterinary Medicine?

1. What is Veterinary Medicine?

This lesson will define veterinary medicine and describe the various areas where it's needed, such as private practice, the government, academia, and more.

A Veterinarian's Education

2. A Veterinarian's Education

This lesson will describe a veterinarian's education in the U.S., some of the many roles a veterinarian can perform, and the difference between a general practitioner and a specialist.

A Veterinarian's Role in Society

3. A Veterinarian's Role in Society

In this lesson, we'll take a good look at the many different roles a veterinarian has in society. These roles go way beyond the better-known role of treating your favorite pet!

What Do Veterinary Technicians Do?

4. What Do Veterinary Technicians Do?

This lesson will explain the roles and education of a veterinarian's best friend, the veterinary nurse. You'll learn the difference between a veterinary technician and technologist, along with the various tasks they perform at a veterinary hospital.

The Many Roles of a Veterinary Assistant

5. The Many Roles of a Veterinary Assistant

This lesson will define who a veterinary assistant is and some of the many roles a veterinary assistant may need to perform in a veterinary clinic or hospital.

The Importance of the Front Desk in a Medical Office

6. The Importance of the Front Desk in a Medical Office

This lesson will go over one of the most important parts of any hospital, the front desk. What this is, who works here, and what they do and should not do will be discussed.

Management in Veterinary Medicine

7. Management in Veterinary Medicine

This lesson will go over some of the management personnel you may encounter at a veterinary hospital, including the office manager, practice manager, medical director, and hospital administrator.

Support Staff & Student Roles in a Veterinary Clinic

8. Support Staff & Student Roles in a Veterinary Clinic

This lesson will go over some of the lesser-known staff members and individuals you may find at a veterinary hospital near you: groomers, kennel attendants, and more. After this lesson, take a look at our quiz questions to test your new knowledge.

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