Ch 7: The Vietnam War After American Involvement

About This Chapter

Watch online history video lessons to learn about the fall of Saigon, the spread of Communism, the Vietnam syndrome and more. These lessons are available in bite-sized chunks to make learning about the Vietnam War fun and easy.

The Vietnam War After American Involvement - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

In this brief chapter, experienced instructors give you an overview of events occurring in Vietnam shortly after the ceasefire mandated by the Paris Peace Accords and the ensuing withdrawal of U.S. troops. Use the lessons included here to explore the impact of the war on U.S. veterans and their families as well as foreign policy for years to come. You can also assess the effects of the North Vietnamese's victory on surrounding nations. By the time you reach the end of this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain the aftermath of the Paris Peace Accords
  • Trace events leading to the fall of Saigon
  • Identify communist regimes in Laos and Cambodia
  • Describe effects of the Vietnam war on the U.S.

Video Objectives
The Fall of Saigon During the Vietnam War: Causes and Timeline Examine the North Vietnamese's violation of the Paris Peace Accords. Follow the subsequent invasion of South Vietnam and the fall of Saigon.
Communism Spreads During the Vietnam War: Cambodia and Laos Discuss the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Study the capture of Laos by the Pathet Lao.
Post-War Issues: Aftereffects of the Vietnam War on the U.S. Highlight post-war events, including the case against William Calley, the struggles of soldiers returning to American society and the search for POW's. Outline casualty statistics and explore the birth of the Vietnam syndrome.

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