Ch 2: The Works of James Baldwin

About This Chapter

James Baldwin was a prolific writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and he tackled themes such as race relations, racism, masculinity, and sexuality in his writing. This chapter will give you a thorough understanding of many of his most important works.

The Works of James Baldwin Chapter Summary

This chapter contains detailed summaries, analyses, discussions of themes, and other information necessary to understanding and appreciating Baldwin's writing. Chapter topics include:

  • Baldwin's second novel, Giovanni's Room
  • Baldwin's fourth novel, Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone
  • The Devil Finds Work, Baldwin's book-length essay
  • Baldwin's collection of essays, Nobody Knows My Name
  • One Day, When I Was Lost, Baldwin's screenplay about Malcolm X
  • I Am Not Your Negro, the 2016 documentary based on Baldwin's unfinished manuscript

Every lesson in the chapter is designed to deepen your insight into Baldwin's work and the themes he engaged with as a writer. For other courses about Baldwin, and African-American writers in general, check out the list below.

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