Ch 7: The Yugoslav (Balkan) Wars (1991-1999)

About This Chapter

Watch free video lessons and learn about the causes and events associated with the Yugoslav Wars, also known as the Balkan Wars. These video lessons are short and engaging and make learning easy!

The Yugoslav (Balkan) Wars - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

In this online history course, you'll learn about the series of conflicts that took place from 1991-1999 in postwar Yugoslavia. At the start of the chapter, your instructor will familiarize you with the ethnic and partisan issues that faced the country after World War II, including the role of Slobodan Miloševi?. Key conflicts will be covered, as well as how they led up to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) involvement. After you've finished watching the videos and taking the self-assessments, you should be able to discuss:

  • The 'Ten-Day War' and Slovenian independence
  • The Croatian War of Independence
  • The Bosnian War
  • The Kosovo War
  • Ethnic cleansing and war crimes during the Yugoslav Wars

Ethnic and Political Tension in Postwar YugoslaviaSummarize the ethnic and political dynamics in Yugoslavia after World War II, with a special emphasis on Slobodan Miloševi?'s role in the 1991-1999 conflicts.
The 'Ten-Day War' and Slovenian IndependenceIdentify the main events that led up to Slovenia's secession from Yugoslavia and the 'Ten Days War.'
The Croatian War of IndependenceSummarize the causes and effects of the Croatian War. Provide a timeline of the war's events.
The Bosnian War (1992-1995) Summarize the causes and effects of the Bosnian Wars. Provide a timeline of the war's events.
The Kosovo War: Causes, Timeline and NATO InvolvementDiscuss the main causes and course of the Kosovo War, including those that led to the NATO bombing campaign in Yugoslavia.
War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing in the Yugoslav WarsDescribe the ethnic cleansing and war crimes that took place during the Yugoslav Wars. Discuss the role of Slobodan Miloševi? in these atrocities, including references to his arrest, trial and eventual death in prison.
6 Lessons in Chapter 7: The Yugoslav (Balkan) Wars (1991-1999)
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Ethnic & Political Tension in Postwar Yugoslavia

1. Ethnic & Political Tension in Postwar Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia was cobbled together from spare pieces of multiple empires across history. Just like mismatched pieces of puzzle, it only fit together when forced. This lesson explains how Yugoslavia lasted so long before falling apart so completely.

The 'Ten-Day War' & Slovenian Independence

2. The 'Ten-Day War' & Slovenian Independence

The Ten-Day War commenced as a result of Slovenia's declaration of secession on June 25, 1991. Learn more about the conflict, including the background, belligerents, combat, and ceasefire agreement.

The Croatian War of Independence

3. The Croatian War of Independence

Held together by the sheer personality of Josip Tito, Yugoslavia was one of the more ethnically fractured countries in the world by the early 1990s. This lesson looks at the road to independence for one of its largest ethnic groups, Croatia.

The Bosnian War (1992-1995)

4. The Bosnian War (1992-1995)

Despised by both sides of the Croat-Serb War, the Bosnians originally tried to maintain their neutrality. This lesson explains how neutrality turned into independence for one of Europe's few Muslim-majority societies.

The Kosovo War: Causes, Timeline & NATO Involvement

5. The Kosovo War: Causes, Timeline & NATO Involvement

Kosovo was the last of the former Yugoslavian groups to declare its independence. This lesson details the journey of the Kosovars to independence, including the threat of ground troops by NATO.

War Crimes & Ethnic Cleansing in the Yugoslav Wars

6. War Crimes & Ethnic Cleansing in the Yugoslav Wars

For many, ethnic cleansing brings up images of WWII concentration camps. However, the reality is that such a past isn't as distant as you would think. This lesson explains ethnic cleansing in the Yugoslav Wars, and the trial and death of Slobodan Milosevic.

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