Ch 5: Theatre as Activism

About This Chapter

Boost your grades or improve your ability to excel on a test covering theatre as activism with help from this entertaining chapter. By reviewing our short lessons and taking multiple-choice quizzes, you can quickly and effectively strengthen your knowledge of activism in theatre.

Theatre as Activism - Chapter Summary

This self-paced chapter takes a close look at the ways theatre has been coupled with activism. Discover or get reacquainted with Ubu Roi, epic theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and much more. Each lesson in this chapter covers a unique topic and features a short quiz designed to test your knowledge of key concepts. If you develop questions while studying this chapter, don't hesitate to submit them to our subject-matter experts. Enjoy 24/7 access using any computer, smartphone or tablet with an Internet connection. After you've completed this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Summarize and share themes of Ubu Roi
  • Discuss the origins and characteristics of Dadaism in theatre
  • Provide an overview of the Theatre of Cruelty and Theater of the Absurd
  • Analyze and share the meaning of Waiting for Godot
  • Exhibit knowledge of epic theatre
  • Outline the history and types of Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Define and provide examples of guerrilla theatre
  • Detail the history and significance of Jana Natya Manch

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Theatre as Activism
Theatre of Cruelty: Artaud

1. Theatre of Cruelty: Artaud

Most of us watch movies or television shows to relax or escape reality, not as a means of reform. In this video, learn how Antonin Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty tries to shock the audience into becoming better people.

Theater of the Absurd: Definition & Characteristics

2. Theater of the Absurd: Definition & Characteristics

This lesson provides a brief overview of Theater of the Absurd. We will learn about the history of the movement, key writers and works, and test your knowledge with a quiz.

Waiting for Godot: Analysis, Meaning & Themes

3. Waiting for Godot: Analysis, Meaning & Themes

Samuel Beckett was an Irish playwright most famously known for the play 'Waiting for Godot.' Who is Godot, why are these men waiting for him, and what makes this an important work in the history of English literature? Complete this lesson to find out!

Epic Theatre: Brecht

4. Epic Theatre: Brecht

Communism? 'Mack the Knife'? Verfremdung? Wonder what these have in common or what they even mean? Find out how epic theatre united these with the hope of making social changes.

Theatre of the Oppressed: Definition, History & Characteristics

5. Theatre of the Oppressed: Definition, History & Characteristics

Can theatre have a purpose? Can it be educational? Some people think so. In this lesson, we're going to explore the Theatre of the Oppressed and see how it came to be.

Guerrilla Theatre: Definition & Examples

6. Guerrilla Theatre: Definition & Examples

If you strip away many of the expectations about theater, what are you left with? In this lesson, we'll examine the unorthodox performance of guerilla theatre and see how its history defined its unique style.

Jana Natya Manch: History & Significance

7. Jana Natya Manch: History & Significance

Theater can be safe and fun, or it can be political, active, and risky. In this lesson, we'll get to know Jana Natya Manch and see how they've used performance to combine theater and politics for the people.

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