Ch 8: Transformations & Functions

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5 Lessons in Chapter 8: Transformations & Functions
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Complex Conjugate: Numbers, Functions & Examples

1. Complex Conjugate: Numbers, Functions & Examples

Complex conjugates, a combination of complex numbers and conjugates, are used when solving certain types of problems. Learn about complex conjugates, their functions, and how to apply them to problems through examples.

Vertical Shift: Definition & Examples

2. Vertical Shift: Definition & Examples

A vertical shift is defined as an instance where the graph, as the visual representation of a function, moves vertically up or down. Explore examples of vertical shift, including the vertical shift of a point, a linear equation, and a parabola.

Convolution Theorem: Application & Examples

3. Convolution Theorem: Application & Examples

Convolution is a mathematical operation that is a special way to do a sum that accounts for past events. In this lesson, we explore the convolution theorem, which relates convolution in one domain to multiplication in another, as well as the Laplace Transform.

Eigenvalues: Definition, Properties & Examples

4. Eigenvalues: Definition, Properties & Examples

In mathematics, eigenvalues provide a method for simplifying linear operations. Explore the definition, properties, and examples of eigenvalues. Use matrices to find eigenvalues and understand eigenvalue properties.

Eigenvectors: Properties, Application & Example

5. Eigenvectors: Properties, Application & Example

Eigenvectors are special vectors associated with a matrix. In this lesson we explore the properties of eigenvectors and how to use them to solve a system of linear differential equations.

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