Ch 7: Treating HIV

About This Chapter

Included in this chapter are lessons that will cover topics related to the treatment of individuals diagnosed with HIV. These topics will be essential to anyone currently training in the nursing profession.

Treating HIV - Chapter Summary

Anyone who is currently studying, or hoping to begin studies, in the nursing profession will need to have a solid understanding of the treatment of HIV positive patients as well as how HIV is acquired and how it can be prevented. The lessons are cover facts about HIV and its effects. Our lesson instructors will cover all points needed to grasp these topics in a clear and comprehensive format.

Each lesson included in this chapter concludes with a practice quiz that you can use to test your understanding of the lesson's main points. The chapter itself concludes with a final exam that will help you ensure that you have accurately grasped the overall points related to this subject. If you are stuck on a particular question or issue, you can message the lesson instructor for help. Finally, make sure that you use your personal Dashboard to track your progress as you complete different lessons and chapter. By the end of this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • List the symptoms of HIV
  • Explain how HIV is diagnosed, including how it can be detected in the early stages
  • Describe some causes of HIV
  • Name the types of HIV
  • Identify HIV treatment and prevention methods
  • Discuss drug-resistant HIV
  • Explain the difference between HIV and AIDS
  • Compare HIV to other diseases, including Hepatitis C, cancer and herpes
  • Explain if a Pap smear can be used to test for HIV

12 Lessons in Chapter 7: Treating HIV
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HIV: Symptoms & Diagnosis

1. HIV: Symptoms & Diagnosis

In this lesson, we'll review the symptoms and diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus infections, more commonly known as HIV. We'll also briefly discuss risk factors and testing in a patient education centered approach.

Causes and Transmission of HIV

2. Causes and Transmission of HIV

You have likely heard all kinds of information about HIV, but may still have questions about exactly how you get it. This lesson will describe how HIV is transmitted from person to person.

Types of HIV: 1 & 2

3. Types of HIV: 1 & 2

In this lesson, we will aim to understand the two main types of HIV. Information on the groups and subtypes will be discussed and we will get a quick glimpse into how to the two types differ as well.

Early Detection of HIV

4. Early Detection of HIV

In this lesson, we'll be learning about techniques for early detection of HIV. First, we'll review what HIV is and its route of infection. Then, we'll learn about four types of early detection tests.

Drugs to Prevent HIV

5. Drugs to Prevent HIV

An explanation of HIV and the two methods of drug treatment to prevent HIV will be described in this lesson. We will explain the medications used, dosage and side effects.

Drugs to Treat HIV

6. Drugs to Treat HIV

HIV is a potentially deadly infection. So deadly that there are many different drugs out there that try and stop it. This lesson goes over the major classes of HIV drugs, examples of each, and explanations of their major function in stopping HIV.

Drug-Resistant HIV

7. Drug-Resistant HIV

How can a really bad virus be made even worse? How about a mutated version of the really bad virus? This lesson goes over the issue of drug resistance and HIV.


8. HIV vs. AIDS

This lesson will explain the differences between HIV and AIDS. We will review differences in what these diseases are, their symptoms, and the ability to treat each.

Herpes & HIV

9. Herpes & HIV

HIV and Herpes are both viral, sexually-transmitted diseases. This lesson will give an overview of both HIV and Herpes, comparing and contrasting the two viruses.

Hepatitis C & HIV

10. Hepatitis C & HIV

Hepatitis C and HIV: Two separate viruses. Two seemingly separate problems. However, when put together, they can cause even more problems than when alone.

HIV & Cancer

11. HIV & Cancer

How in the world does a virus lead to cancer? Is that even possible? This lesson explains how a very famous viral infection, HIV, is linked to a potentially fatal cancer.

Can a Pap Smear Detect HIV?

12. Can a Pap Smear Detect HIV?

Reproductive health can seem overwhelming, but this lesson will help straighten out some misconceptions about screenings and tests. The focus will be on Pap smears and HIV testing.

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