Ch 17: Treating Occupational Disease

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Take a look at this chapter's lessons and quizzes to learn or review information about occupational disease treatment. These informative lessons and quizzes are designed to improve your knowledge for upcoming exams, assignments or any academic need.

Treating Occupational Disease - Chapter Summary

This chapter examines the treatment of several occupational diseases, including asbestosis, byssinosis, mesothelioma, metal fume fever and pneumoconiosis. Our expert instructors also break down important information about the characteristics of these diseases. You can solidify your understanding of the material by taking the included lesson quizzes and chapter exam. The chapter is available on any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Upon completion of the chapter, you should be able to evaluate the causes, symptoms, diagnoses, prognoses and treatments for the following occupational diseases:

  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Bronchiolitis obliterans
  • Byssinosis
  • Medial epicondylitis
  • Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • Deep and superficial infrapatellar bursitis
  • Metal fume fever
  • Acute and chronic paronychia
  • Pneumoconiosis
  • Prepatellar bursitis
  • Radial tunnel syndrome

12 Lessons in Chapter 17: Treating Occupational Disease
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Asbestosis Prognosis & Treatment

1. Asbestosis Prognosis & Treatment

In this lesson, we're going to briefly describe a condition known as asbestosis. Then you'll learn about its treatment options as well as the potential prognoses for this condition.

Mesothelioma Treatment & Prognosis

2. Mesothelioma Treatment & Prognosis

Mesothelioma is a aggressive disease that is often associated with asbestos exposure. In this lesson, we will learn more about mesothelioma as well as treatment options and prognosis.

Bronchiolitis Obliterans: Treatment & Prognosis

3. Bronchiolitis Obliterans: Treatment & Prognosis

Bronchiolitis obliterans is a potentially serious lung condition in which the bronchioles get inflammed and possibly even blocked. Educate yourself on bronchiolitis obliterans, including its treatments and prognosis, by reading this lesson!

Byssinosis Diagnosis & Treatment

4. Byssinosis Diagnosis & Treatment

This lesson discusses byssinosis, a condition that isn't all that common in the U.S. Particularly, you'll learn how byssinosis may be diagnosed and treated.

Medial Epicondylitis: Symptoms & Treatment

5. Medial Epicondylitis: Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson we will look at the condition known as medial epicondylitis. We will discuss what exactly this injury is and what the symptoms look like, as well as normal treatment options.

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: Diagnosis, Treatment & Prognosis

6. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: Diagnosis, Treatment & Prognosis

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is an inflammation of the lungs that is triggered by an allergic reaction to certain substances in the air. Check out the rest of this lesson for lots of information regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of this disease.

Deep & Superficial Infrapatellar Bursitis: Symptoms & Treatment

7. Deep & Superficial Infrapatellar Bursitis: Symptoms & Treatment

Infrapatellar bursitis is a painful inflammation of the knee that can affect anyone, not just athletes or people with highly active lifestyles. In this lesson, we'll examine the different types of infrapatellar bursitis, their symptoms, and how each is treated.

Metal Fume Fever: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Long-Term Effects

8. Metal Fume Fever: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Long-Term Effects

This lesson goes over a condition known as metal fume fever. You're going to learn what it's caused by, what signs and symptoms might be expected, as well as how it may be treated.

Acute & Chronic Paronychia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

9. Acute & Chronic Paronychia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Paronychia is an infection located between nails and the skin that surrounds them. Read this lesson to learn more about paronychia and distinguishing factors between the acute and chronic phases of this condition.

Pneumoconiosis: Causes, Treatment & Prognosis

10. Pneumoconiosis: Causes, Treatment & Prognosis

This lesson is going to cover the major causes, the possible treatment options, and the variable prognoses of a group of disorders termed singly as pneumoconiosis.

Prepatellar Bursitis: Symptoms, Treatment & Recovery

11. Prepatellar Bursitis: Symptoms, Treatment & Recovery

Prepatellar bursitis is an injury in which the front of the knee joint becomes inflamed and painful. In this lesson, you'll learn about this fairly common injury, including its symptoms, treatment, and recovery.

Radial Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

12. Radial Tunnel Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson we will discuss the condition known as radial tunnel syndrome. We will look at the main causes for this condition as well as common symptoms and discuss some treatment options.

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