Ch 6: Trigonometric Functions & Identities

About This Chapter

This chapter provides a set of video lessons to teach about trigonometric functions and identities. Increase your understanding of this subject while reviewing definitions, examples and practice problems.

Trigonometric Functions & Identities - Chapter Summary

Our subject experts put these short lessons together to improve your understanding of trigonometric functions and identities. You will examine the definition and uses of trigonometric identities, practice problems, and additional lesson topics, including:

  • Definition and examples of trigonometric functions
  • Circular trigonometric functions practice problems
  • Inverse trigonometric functions' properties
  • Use of graphs to solve a trigonometric equation

Lessons are videos that have an average run time of 10-15 minutes. We include a video transcript and a timeline tool that uses keywords to locate exact sections of the lesson you want to replay. You can submit any questions you have directly to the expert.

5 Lessons in Chapter 6: Trigonometric Functions & Identities
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Trigonometric Functions: Definition & Examples

1. Trigonometric Functions: Definition & Examples

There are six main trigonometric functions. Understand the definition and the main trigonometric functions, explore real-world examples, and how to solve problems.

Practice Problems with Circular Trigonometric Functions

2. Practice Problems with Circular Trigonometric Functions

Circular trigonometric functions are the trig functions which are calculated using a circle. Learn more about the unit circle, degrees, and radians, and apply your understanding by working through example problems.

Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

3. Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Inverse trigonometric functions are the inverse of the usual sine, cosine, and tangent functions, and they can be written two ways. Learn more about inverse trigonometric functions, including their notation, limited range, and how they appear on a graph.

Trigonometric Identities: Definition & Uses

4. Trigonometric Identities: Definition & Uses

Trigonometric identities are equations that are always true for trigonometric functions. Learn about the definition and kinds of trigonometric identities and explore the uses of trigonometric identities through examples.

Solving a Trigonometric Equation Graphically

5. Solving a Trigonometric Equation Graphically

A trigonometric equation can be solved graphically by providing a visual demonstration of the mathematical answers. Learn how to find the answers graphically and understand what to watch out for when solving trigonometric equations.

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