Ch 10: Types & Application of Casts

About This Chapter

This self-paced chapter offers a fun and engaging overview of different types of casts and their application. Review short lessons and take multiple-choice quizzes to boost your knowledge and improve your ability to excel at school or in the workplace.

Types & Application of Casts - Chapter Summary

Our instructors make it easy to understand various cast types and how they are applied to the body. Explore entertaining lessons to closely examine casts for different body parts. Also, ensure you comprehend casting techniques and cast syndrome. When ready, check your knowledge of these concepts by taking mini quizzes and a practice exam. If you have questions about topics covered in this chapter, feel free to send them to our experts. In no time, you will be ready to:

  • Describe ulnar gutter, radial gutter and thumb spica casts for hands and fingers
  • Exhibit knowledge of elbow, wrist and forearm casts
  • Compare and contrast long leg and short leg casts
  • Differentiate between a splint and a cast
  • Define and describe cast syndrome in orthopedics
  • List types of urinary casts
  • Identify and discuss different orthopedic casting techniques

7 Lessons in Chapter 10: Types & Application of Casts
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Hand & Finger Casts: Ulnar Gutter, Radial Gutter & Thumb Spica

1. Hand & Finger Casts: Ulnar Gutter, Radial Gutter & Thumb Spica

Do you know which specific type of injuries require the use of ulnar gutter, radial gutter, and thumb spica casts? This lesson will provide the answers to this question, as well as other great bits of information about these casts.

Forearm, Wrist & Elbow Casts: Short Arm & Long Arm

2. Forearm, Wrist & Elbow Casts: Short Arm & Long Arm

Fractures to the forearm, wrist, and elbow are fairly common and can happen to anyone. This lesson will teach you about two specific types of casts used for these injuries: short arm and long arm casts.

Long Leg & Short Leg Casts

3. Long Leg & Short Leg Casts

What are the differences between long leg and short leg casts? What types of injuries require long leg casts and what types of injuries require short leg casts? Learn the answer to these questions and much more by checking out this lesson.

What is the Difference Between a Splint & a Cast?

4. What is the Difference Between a Splint & a Cast?

Both splints and casts are used to stabilize injuries while the body heals. So why choose one over the other? This lesson will review splints and casts including the reasons for use, materials, and pros and cons of each.

What is Cast Syndrome in Orthopedics?

5. What is Cast Syndrome in Orthopedics?

Should you worry if you have a cast on your leg? Will you get cast syndrome? Find out, in this lesson. We're going to define and explain what cast syndrome really is.

Urinary Casts: Definition & Types

6. Urinary Casts: Definition & Types

This lesson goes over the many different types of urinary casts. You'll learn what urinary casts are, where they form, and some of the reasons for why they might form.

Orthopedic Casting Techniques

7. Orthopedic Casting Techniques

In this lesson, you will learn about the different methods used to heal broken bones. From the time of the ancient Egyptians, to modern casting, to 3-D printing, medicine has used increasingly innovative and creative techniques to help bones heal faster and more comfortably.

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