Ch 1: Types of Nouns

About This Chapter

In this chapter you'll learn all about nouns and how they are used. Our experienced instructors use fun graphics as they help you master nouns in the English language.

Types of Nouns - Chapter Summary

The noun - a person, place, thing, or idea - is one of the most commonly used parts of speech in the English language. For example, let's say you have an apple; apple is a noun. What if you wanted to write a sentence about your apple? In these lessons, you'll learn the grammar rules of using nouns as the subject of those sentences. What happens if someone gives you another apple? Now you have two apples - you need to know how to make your noun plural. And what if your apple has a worm in it? Now you need to find out how to make your noun possessive! You'll learn all these things and more as you study the noun. Once you have completed the chapter, you will know all about:

  • What is a noun?
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Nouns as the subject of a sentence
  • Possessive and collective nouns

Our experienced instructors make learning English fun and easy. Short video lessons with entertaining graphics will help you remember what you have learned, and you can take the multiple-choice quiz at the end of each lesson to make sure you really understand the material before moving to the next lesson.

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