Ch 21: Understanding Human Reproduction

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This chapter brings the concept of human reproduction to life and simplifies your preparations for a test, class discussion or project. Benefit from entertaining lessons, expert instructors, mini quizzes and other informative resources you can access in one convenient location!

Understanding Human Reproduction - Chapter Summary

Human reproduction can be an intriguing, yet challenging concept to grasp. Use this chapter to leave no doubt that you fully comprehend its definition, functions and processes. Closely examine the male and female reproductive systems, infertility, conception and much more. Once you've completed this chapter, you should be able to do the following with ease:

  • Describe the functions, organs and anatomy of the male reproductive system
  • Discuss the functions and structures of the female reproductive system
  • Detail the process of human reproduction
  • Explain ways to reduce the risk for sexually transmitted infections
  • List types of contraception
  • Share causes of and treatment strategies for infertility

Whether you like to access study materials using a smartphone, tablet or computer, this chapter makes the process simple. Pull up any lesson using these devices to get a better understanding of a specific human production topic. Take the quiz accompanying each lesson to assess your comprehension of the concepts you've reviewed. If you have questions about any lesson topic, be sure to submit them to our experts.

6 Lessons in Chapter 21: Understanding Human Reproduction
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Male Reproductive System: Functions, Organs & Anatomy

1. Male Reproductive System: Functions, Organs & Anatomy

Ever wonder what the inside of a male looks like? Find out in this lesson that explores the inner workings of the male reproductive system and the pathway that sperm takes.

Female Reproductive System: Functions & Structures

2. Female Reproductive System: Functions & Structures

The primary function of the female reproductive system is to produce offspring. In this lesson, you'll travel through the female reproductive system. Along the way, you'll learn about important structures and the roles they play in creating life.

Overview of Human Reproduction

3. Overview of Human Reproduction

This lesson will provide a general overview of the process of human reproduction. We will cover the basics starting from the point of fertilization through the point of birth.

Reducing Your Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections

4. Reducing Your Risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections

This lesson will describe for you the many ways by which you can help prevent a terrible STD from affecting your body, including abstinence, mutual monogamy, and more!

Contraception Methods: Types & Examples

5. Contraception Methods: Types & Examples

Watch this video lesson to learn about the different types of contraception that are available. Learn what they are and discover which method is 100% effective.

Infertility: Causes and Potential Options

6. Infertility: Causes and Potential Options

Trouble having a baby may be a result of a woman or man's reproductive problems. This lesson discusses some common and important ones as well as the general treatment strategies employed to combat them.

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