Ch 6: Understanding Instruments

About This Chapter

Use our video lessons and quizzes to further your understanding of instruments. Learn about various instrument families and instrumental performance techniques.

Understanding Instruments - Chapter Summary

Learn about the string, woodwind, brass and percussion families through this informative chapter on understanding instruments. Through our brief video lessons, you'll learn about similarities and differences among orchestral instruments, as well as how the various instruments work. Also, learn about instrumental performance techniques for the following:

  • String instruments, such as the cello, double bass, harp, violin and viola
  • Keyboard instruments, such as the carillon, electric organ, piano and synthesizer
  • Wind instruments, such as the bassoon, clarinet, flute, piccolo and saxophone
  • Percussion instruments, such as the crash cymbals, handbells, slit drum, steelpan and xylophone

We engaged professional educators with experience in the music field to develop this chapter on understanding instruments. Each lesson has three parts: a video presentation, a written transcript and a self-assessment quiz. The video presentations typically last no more than 10 minutes, and you can jump to main points using our convenient video tags. If you absorb more information by reading, you can use the written transcripts as your main learning tool.

To gauge your understanding of instruments, take the short, multiple-choice quiz that accompanies each lesson. These quizzes can be completed as many times as you need to be sure you've gained all you can from this chapter.

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