Ch 6: Understanding Plant Genetics

About This Chapter

Watch these short and engaging video lessons to study plant genetics. In addition to informative lessons, the chapter provides plenty of self-assessment quizzes that can help you practice answering plant genetics questions and prepare for upcoming exams.

Understanding Plant Genetics - Chapter Summary

These informative and engaging study resources provide a thorough overview of plant genetics. As you progress through the chapter, you'll outline fundamental principles, theories and laws in the field of genetics, such as Mendel's law of segregation and Bolveri and Sutton's chromosome theory of inheritance. You'll also define important genetic concepts, such as monohybrids, codominance, gene linkage and more.

This comprehensive chapter is designed to help you:

  • Explain the fundamentals of genetics
  • Define monohybrids and understand how they predict offspring characteristics
  • Summarize Mendel's law of segregation and law of independent assortment
  • Understand the concepts of codominance and incomplete dominance
  • Outline Bolveri and Sutton's chromosome theory of inheritance
  • Determine how linked genes can complicate genetics

Included in this chapter are several resources that are designed to supplement your studying experience and help you retain the information. Take the included self-assessment quizzes to practice answering questions related to plant genetics and print the lesson transcripts to study after watching video lessons. You can quickly navigate to specific topics on your course Dashboard and ask our expert science instructors any questions you may have. This chapter also allows you to study whenever you have free time and wherever you happen to be, whether you're at home, in a library or on-the-go.

7 Lessons in Chapter 6: Understanding Plant Genetics
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Genetics: Heredity, Traits & Chromosomes

1. Genetics: Heredity, Traits & Chromosomes

Genetics are a branch of biology that studies the heredity and variation of organisms, the genetic makeup and phenomena of an organism, type, group or condition. Learn more about heredity traits, chromosomes and their functions.

Monohybrid Cross: Definition & Example

2. Monohybrid Cross: Definition & Example

Some genetic characteristics are inherited in predictable patterns. In this lesson you will learn what monohybrids are and how to predict the kinds of characteristics that their offspring will show.

Mendel's First Law: The Law of Segregation

3. Mendel's First Law: The Law of Segregation

The law of segregation, also known as ''Mendel's First Law,'' states that, 'the alleles of a given locus segregate into separate gametes.' Learn more on the law of segregation, as well as Mendel's experiments and further research on the subject.

Mendel's Second Law: The Law of Independent Assortment

4. Mendel's Second Law: The Law of Independent Assortment

The law of independent assortment, also known as 'Mendel's Second Law', states that the alleles of one gene sort into gametes independently of the alleles of another gene. Learn more about it's usage, function and further research.

Exceptions to Simple Dominance: Codominance and Incomplete Dominance

5. Exceptions to Simple Dominance: Codominance and Incomplete Dominance

There are only two exceptions to simple dominance; codominance and incomplete dominance. Learn more about the different types of blood types, qualifications for blood donation, phenotypic blending, multiple alleles and further on codominance and incomplete dominance.

The Chromosome Theory of Inheritance: Segregation and Independent Assortment

6. The Chromosome Theory of Inheritance: Segregation and Independent Assortment

The chromosome theory of inheritance is an expansion of the laws of segregation and independent assortment by an 18th-century monk named Gregor Mendel. Explore Mendel's laws and learn about Boveri and Sutton who were two scientists who are credited with extending Mendel's chromosome theory of inheritance.

Linked Genes: Definition & Examples

7. Linked Genes: Definition & Examples

Genes arranged close to each other on the same chromosome are named linked genes. Learn about gamete packaging of linked genes, unlinked genes, and recombination of linked genes through real-world examples.

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