Ch 27: Understanding Steroids

About This Chapter

Strengthen your knowledge and skills as a healthcare professional by examining this overview of steroids. Explore informative lessons in this entertaining chapter to study steroid side effects, contraindications, mechanisms of action and more.

Understanding Steroids - Chapter Summary

Steroids are compounds used to fight inflammation and are sometimes prescribed to ease symptoms for conditions like asthma, lupus and multiple sclerosis. Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of these compounds by exploring this chapter's short lessons. Refresh your knowledge of the uses, side effects, structure and drug interactions of fluticasone. Also, study how fluticasone compares to steroids like flunisolide and triamcinolone.

The lessons in this chapter are easy to navigate and fun to review. Explore them in any sequence and as often as needed to feel confident in your understanding of these steroids. Any questions you develop while examining the lessons can be submitted to our experts via the Dashboard. Use our multiple-choice quizzes and practice exam to confirm your grasp of this chapter.

How It Helps

This chapter is a great resource for healthcare professionals who want to strengthen their study of steroid classifications, contraindications, mechanisms of action and pharmacokinetics. Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals can benefit from this chapter by refreshing their understanding of steroid uses, side effects and nursing implications. Use the lessons to strengthen your professional knowledge and improve your ability to succeed in the workplace.

Skills Covered

Taking advantage of the lessons in this chapter will enable you to:

  • Explain the uses and side effects of fluticasone
  • Discuss the classification, structure and contraindications of fluticasone
  • Describe the nursing implications and drug interactions of fluticasone
  • Detail fluticasone's mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics
  • Differentiate between fluticasone and flunisolide
  • Compare and contrast triamcinolone and fluticasone

6 Lessons in Chapter 27: Understanding Steroids
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Fluticasone: Uses & Side Effects

1. Fluticasone: Uses & Side Effects

This lesson is going to go over a medication known as fluticasone. You'll learn that it comes in more than one form and name. It's also used for more than one thing!

Fluticasone: Classification, Structure & Contraindications

2. Fluticasone: Classification, Structure & Contraindications

Fluticasone is a medication used to reduce inflammation. It is used for several different ailments. This lesson will discuss the classification, structure, and contraindications of fluticasone.

Fluticasone: Nursing Implications & Drug Interactions

3. Fluticasone: Nursing Implications & Drug Interactions

Fluticasone is a nasal spray medication that can relieve allergies. This lesson will discuss the nursing implications and drug interactions associated with fluticasone.

Fluticasone: Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics

4. Fluticasone: Mechanism of Action & Pharmacokinetics

Would you like to know more about a corticosteroid that can be used to help treat asthma and seasonal allergies? In this lesson, we'll discuss the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics of fluticasone.

Flunisolide vs. Fluticasone

5. Flunisolide vs. Fluticasone

This lesson is going to compare and contrast numerous facets of flunisolide and fluticasone. You'll learn what they're labeled for use in, similar and different precautions, and much more.

Triamcinolone vs. Fluticasone

6. Triamcinolone vs. Fluticasone

This lesson goes over two medications known as triamcinolone and fluticasone. It focuses on their similarities and differences when used to manage hay fever with an intranasal spray.

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