Ch 6: United Kingdom Cultures Lesson Plans & Resources

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Plan a curriculum about United Kingdom cultures with these useful lesson plan outlines and teacher resources. You can access these materials at any time to plan your lessons and engage your students with interesting facts about the cultures of Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

United Kingdom Cultures Lesson Plans & Resources - Chapter Summary

This collection of lesson plan outlines and in-class teaching tools are designed to help instructors who need to plan lessons on United Kingdom cultures. Inside the chapter, you'll find lesson plans that cover the history and characteristics of several UK cultures, including Irish, British, Scottish and Welsh culture.

You'll also find kid-friendly lessons that you can use in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience. Finally, you can test your students' comprehension of these UK cultures by assigning the included practice quizzes.

How It Helps

  • Learning objectives: Makes sure your UK cultures lessons contain essential information
  • Vocabulary words: Defines relevant vocabulary related to cultures throughout the UK
  • Additional resources: Incorporates lessons and quizzes that you can use to enhance your UK culture curriculum

How It Works

This helpful resource offers teachers lesson plan outlines with relevant tools to make planning lessons about the United Kingdom's cultures easy.

  • Find lesson plans for specific United Kingdom culture topics you want to cover in class.
  • Formulate your United Kingdom culture class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans.
  • Share the related United Kingdom culture lessons for each lesson plan with students in class to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Use related lesson quizzes to ensure your students understand the most important concepts about United Kingdom culture from the lessons.
  • Engage your students with relevant United Kingdom culture activities, discussion questions or other materials found in the lesson plan outline.

24 Lessons in Chapter 6: United Kingdom Cultures Lesson Plans & Resources
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Elementary School Irish Culture Lesson Plan

1. Elementary School Irish Culture Lesson Plan

What are the hallmarks of Irish culture? This lesson plan will help students understand the culture of Ireland with a fact-filled text lesson. An activity helps connect students to the material.

Irish Culture: Lesson for Kids

2. Irish Culture: Lesson for Kids

A country has unique traditions, symbols, and foods that make up its culture. In this lesson, learn all about the culture of Ireland and find out why the Irish are proud of their traditions.

Irish Culture Lesson Plan

3. Irish Culture Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will learn more about Irish culture. Students will dissect two pieces of informational text to help them complete a creative performance task. They will also write an original narrative about leprechauns.

Irish Culture: Customs & Traditions

4. Irish Culture: Customs & Traditions

Many know the origin of St. Patrick's Day, but do you know where Halloween originated? Both of these holidays come from Irish culture. In this lesson, we'll explore the customs and traditions of that amazing country.

Irish Culture: Art, Food, & Clothing

5. Irish Culture: Art, Food, & Clothing

The Irish have a rich culture that is steeped in religious, social, and political beliefs. In this lesson, we will take the time to learn about Irish food, art, and clothing, which make significant contributions to the culture.

Irish History Lesson Plan

6. Irish History Lesson Plan

Ireland's history is rife with challenges and triumphs. This lesson plan uses two simple and fact-filled text lessons to highlight key facts about Ireland's history. An activity provides a meaningful symbol for students.

History of Ireland: Lesson for Kids

7. History of Ireland: Lesson for Kids

In this lesson, you will learn about how Ireland survived famine, war, and Viking invasions to grow from an area inhabited by Stone Age tribes to a thriving independent country.

Ireland Facts: Lesson for Kids

8. Ireland Facts: Lesson for Kids

Ireland is a small country off the coast of Great Britain. Explore Ireland's location, history, climate, and culture, and find out why they call Ireland the Emerald Isle.

British Culture Lesson Plan

9. British Culture Lesson Plan

Need to discuss British culture with your students? This lesson includes the creation of a class Venn diagram to compare British culture to the students' culture(s) and a partner project to create a snapshot of British culture.

British Culture: Facts & Customs

10. British Culture: Facts & Customs

Customs and traditions are the cornerstones for any particular cultural identity. The British have long-standing traditions, and their customs have had an impact on more than just their patch of land in Europe.

British vs. American Culture

11. British vs. American Culture

For the most part, British and American culture are fairly similar, which goes far beyond the fact that they speak the same language. However, there are some cultural differences that could provide a lengthy conversation between a Brit and an American.

Scottish Culture Lesson Plan

12. Scottish Culture Lesson Plan

This lesson will help your students learn about Scottish culture and traditions. Students will read a text lesson, participate in group activities, and assess their understanding with a short quiz.

Scottish Culture & Traditions

13. Scottish Culture & Traditions

In this lesson, explore one of the rich cultures of Europe: the Scottish! Learn about some of their interesting traditions as well as some of the most important, as well as entertaining, aspects of their culture.

Welsh Culture Lesson Plan

14. Welsh Culture Lesson Plan

With this lesson plan, students will learn about historic and modern day Wales. They will read two lessons, take two quizzes and participate in an engaging activity. An optional extension is available also.

Welsh Culture: Facts & Traditions

15. Welsh Culture: Facts & Traditions

Explore the culture of a land of mythological dragons, a unique language, passionate sports fans, and an interesting cuisine. In this lesson, learn about some aspects of the Welsh culture and explore some traditions and festivals.

Wales: History & Facts

16. Wales: History & Facts

Wales is an important part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In this lesson, we are going to explore Welsh history and see how this nation became politically united with the other British kingdoms.

Jack the Ripper Lesson Plan

17. Jack the Ripper Lesson Plan

If you're studying about the United Kingdom, use this lesson to introduce students to infamous crimes of Jack the Ripper. In this lesson, students will form detective groups to make and analyze their own case files. They will then write essays about who they believe to be Jack the Ripper.

Who Was Jack the Ripper? - Victims & Identity

18. Who Was Jack the Ripper? - Victims & Identity

This lesson discusses the infamous and still unidentified serial killer Jack the Ripper. You'll learn the names of his victims, as well as some of the people believed to have been Jack the Ripper.

The Great Fire of London Lesson Plan

19. The Great Fire of London Lesson Plan

The Great Fire of London destroyed nearly 80% of the city's structures. This lesson plan uses a text lesson to highlight key facts about the fire and its aftermath. An activity reinforces learning.

Tower of London Lesson Plan

20. Tower of London Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, we explore the Tower of London through collaborative research in which students work in pairs to discover greater detail about key characters in the Tower's history.

Tower of London: History & Facts

21. Tower of London: History & Facts

A royal castle, arsenal, prison and more, the Tower of London boasts a storied past. Read a brief history of this famous landmark and learn some interesting facts along the way.

Tower of London ESL Lesson Plan

22. Tower of London ESL Lesson Plan

Pack your bags for a trip across the pond! Through this lesson plan about the Tower of London, you can support your English Language Learners as they learn about this historic British landmark while practicing their written and spoken English in a variety of activities.

Great Plague of London Lesson Plan

23. Great Plague of London Lesson Plan

Can you imagine losing 8,000 people a week in your city because of illness? That is what happened in the Great Plague of London. This lesson plan uses a text lesson and activity to explain this historical event to students.

Great Plague of London: History, Outbreak & Facts

24. Great Plague of London: History, Outbreak & Facts

The Plague made its terrible appearance several times in European history. In this lesson, we'll check out one of its debuts in London, and see how it changed the history of the city.

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