Ch 30: United States Election Process

About This Chapter

Strengthen your understanding of the election process in the United States with this effective study resource. These lessons will help you review topics such as the Electoral College, presidential elections and campaign finance regulations.

United States Election Process - Chapter Summary

This collection of social studies lessons helps you review the processes of presidential and congressional elections in the United States. You'll study several topics related to elections in the United States, including the Electoral College, political nomination process and campaign finance sources. The chapter also summarizes the history of past U.S. congressional elections. After completing the lessons in this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define the Electoral College process
  • Understand the history, processes and influences of U.S. congressional elections
  • Summarize the political nomination process
  • Compare and contrast presidential and congressional elections
  • Identify campaign finance sources, regulations and reforms

This chapter is a convenient and effective study resource that allows you to quickly review the most important topics related to the United States' election process. Our instructors make it easy to memorize key definitions, rules and regulations. After watching/reading a lesson, you can take the accompanying self-assessment quiz to make sure you've fully grasped the material. If you need to review a particular concept, you can quickly find it using the intuitive course Dashboard and jump to it using the interactive video timeline. Lesson transcripts are also available to supplement your learning and you can access the chapter material whenever you have time to study.

5 Lessons in Chapter 30: United States Election Process
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The Electoral College: Definition & Process

1. The Electoral College: Definition & Process

In the U.S., our presidential elections are decided using the Electoral College. The system is meant to balance election power between the federal and state governments. This lesson explains what the Electoral College is and how it works.

U.S. Congressional Elections: History, Processes & Influences

2. U.S. Congressional Elections: History, Processes & Influences

In this lesson, you will explore the process of electing representatives to both houses of the U.S. Congress. Then, you will be able to test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Political Nomination: Definition & Process

3. Political Nomination: Definition & Process

Have you ever thought about running for political office? Discover the political nomination process and learn how it works. Explore the role of political parties in this important phase in the modern election cycle.

Presidential vs. Congressional Campaigns: Similarities & Differences

4. Presidential vs. Congressional Campaigns: Similarities & Differences

In this lesson, we will review the difference between presidential and congressional campaigns. We will take a closer look at their differences and how they affect the campaign.

Campaign Finance: Sources, Regulations & Reform

5. Campaign Finance: Sources, Regulations & Reform

Modern presidential campaigns often last up to two years and involve extensive media operations. This means a successful campaign will be expensive. This lesson discusses campaign finance, including sources, regulations, and reform efforts.

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