Ch 5: Using Educational Technology in the Classroom

About This Chapter

Explore the different types of educational technology and how they can aid learning by studying the information in this chapter. The resources you will encounter will be beneficial to you as a teacher.

Using Educational Technology in the Classroom - Chapter Summary

We live in a world where technology affects just about every aspect of life. Naturally, a teacher would use technology in the classroom, as well, to enhance learning. The lessons you will find in this chapter cover:

  • The benefits of using a Smart Board
  • Types of learning activities that utilize technology
  • How to apply strategies of blended learning to your classroom

Each of our lessons are accompanied by short quizzes to ensure you are retaining the material that is presented to you. Our lessons are quick, engaging and perfect for your busy lifestyle as an educator. If you would like additional support, you can reach out to the instructors, and they would be more than happy to clarify anything for you.

How It Helps

  • Enriches your classroom: When you incorporate the different techniques and tools that are covered in this chapter, you will in turn enrich the learning experience for the children in your classroom.
  • Increase student skills: Students will learn how to think critically and develop research skills by using educational technology.
  • Develop teaching abilities: By studying the information in this chapter, you will develop various teaching abilities with the help of technological tools.

Skills Covered

This chapter will enable you to:

  • Work videos effectively into your classroom
  • Apply different strategies of blended learning
  • Discover a variety of ideas for a STEM classroom
  • Recall different activities that promote project-based learning
  • Review the benefits of a Smart Board
  • Comprehend what a Promethean Board is and the activities that can be used with this tool
  • Take a look at the different resources for a technology-based classroom

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Using Educational Technology in the Classroom
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Using Videos in a Flipped Classroom

1. Using Videos in a Flipped Classroom

In this lesson we'll explore some resources for integrating video into flipping your classroom. You'll learn of some places to find educational videos as well as tools for making your own! A short quiz follows.

Blended Learning Strategies

2. Blended Learning Strategies

Many schools are incorporating blended learning into their curriculum. In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of blended learning and strategies for fostering a blended learning environment.

STEM Classroom Setup Ideas for Teachers

3. STEM Classroom Setup Ideas for Teachers

STEM education is extremely important today, and teachers in the STEM fields play an important role in preparing students for the future. This lesson looks at some of the crucial aspects of setting up a classroom for STEM learning.

Project-Based Learning Activities: Types & Examples

4. Project-Based Learning Activities: Types & Examples

Project-based learning is a great way to engage students in authentic application of knowledge and skills. This lesson gives you some ideas for different kinds of project-based learning activities you can incorporate into the classroom.

Smart Board: Lessons and Activities

5. Smart Board: Lessons and Activities

Teachers have many technological tools to use in the classroom these days, including the Smart Board. What is a Smart Board, and what's so great about it? Read on to find out, then test your knowledge with a quiz.

Promethean Board: Lessons and Activities

6. Promethean Board: Lessons and Activities

Smart teachers recognize the value of technology in the classroom. The Promethean Board can add to engagement and learning. How do teachers use the Promethean board to teach? Let's take a look.

Technology-Based Classroom Management Resources

7. Technology-Based Classroom Management Resources

In this lesson, we'll look at several types of technology-based classroom management resources, such as digital gradebooks and classroom behavior trackers. We'll also explore tips for using these resources as well as reasons why they're helpful.

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