Ch 6: Value & Problem-Based Management

About This Chapter

Look no further than this helpful corporate training chapter to teach your managers about value and problem-based management concepts. Employees can access this chapter and the lessons in it on any computer or mobile device, 24 hours a day.

Value & Problem-Based Management - Chapter Summary

Have your managerial employees work through this corporate training chapter to ensure they understand value and problem-based management. They'll review value in business, marginal value in economics, value creation and other related topics. The flexible, online nature of our study materials allow them to be utilized regardless of where your employees are located and how different their schedules are.

How It Helps

  • Builds confidence: When your management employees understand problem-based management, they'll feel confident leading their teams to success.
  • Simplifies training: You'll have access to a tool you can use for a variety of training needs, from onboarding to leading corporate workshops.
  • Offers specific managerial knowledge: Your managers can review essential management concepts, such as polarity management, paradox management and dilemma management.

Skills Covered

Use this chapter to make sure your managers can:

  • Define value in business and discuss its visibility
  • Explain the theorem of marginal value in economics
  • Give a definition and example of value creation in business
  • Discuss polarity management and give examples
  • Detail an example of paradox management
  • Outline the definition of dilemma management

6 Lessons in Chapter 6: Value & Problem-Based Management
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Value in Business: Definition, Visibility & Management

1. Value in Business: Definition, Visibility & Management

Although value is a common concept, it is often incorrectly defined and understood. This lesson explores an accurate understanding of value and provides methods for maximizing it in any type of organization.

Marginal Value in Economics: Definition & Theorem

2. Marginal Value in Economics: Definition & Theorem

Have you ever wondered how a new employee can add positive or negative value to an organization? In this lesson, we will learn how to interpret the meaning of marginal value in economics.

Value Creation in Business: Definition & Example

3. Value Creation in Business: Definition & Example

Value creation and business go hand in hand. In this lesson, you'll learn more about this business concept, examine why it's important, and discover strategies for implementing it with employees in the workplace.

Polarity Management: Definition & Example

4. Polarity Management: Definition & Example

Polarities are problems to be managed, not solved. In this lesson, you'll learn more about polarities, what polarity management is, and how a framework can be developed to co-mingle the two successfully.

Paradox Management: Definition & Example

5. Paradox Management: Definition & Example

Paradoxes are two ideas or mindsets that are diametrically opposed, yet co-exist in the business environment. This lesson explores how leaders can manage paradoxes effectively in order to learn, grow, and profit from them.

Dilemma Management: Definition & Example

6. Dilemma Management: Definition & Example

This lesson will define dilemma, define dilemma management, and describe the dilemma management framework. It will also explain how dilemma management can be used in organizations to identify and solve problems.

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