Ch 3: Vectors in Calculus

About This Chapter

If you need some help studying vectors in calculus, this self-paced and easy-to-follow chapter is for you. The engaging video lessons we've provided here can assist you as you prepare for an important exam or finish your homework.

Vectors in Calculus - Chapter Summary

It's easy to review vectors in calculus with this chapter as your guide. Here you'll find short lessons covering the definition of vectors, how they're graphed, and adding and subtracting vectors. If you need to go back and review a part of a video again, use the video tabs feature in the Timeline. The printable lesson transcripts cover key concepts and points and allow you to quickly make offline study guides. After you finish this chapter, you should be ready to do the following:

  • Define a vector in math and give examples
  • Discuss magnitude and direction in graphing vectors
  • Perform operations on vectors in the plane
  • Add and subtract vectors successfully
  • Understand the applications of the dot product in vectors

5 Lessons in Chapter 3: Vectors in Calculus
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What is a Vector in Math? - Definition & Examples

1. What is a Vector in Math? - Definition & Examples

This lesson explores vectors, operations with vectors, and modern uses of vectors. Using relevant examples and diagrams, the lesson will demonstrate the applications of vectors in the world.

Graphing Vectors in Math: Magnitude & Direction

2. Graphing Vectors in Math: Magnitude & Direction

Vectors are some of the most useful parts of math, but their usefulness is only apparent if you know how to graph them. In this lesson, we learn how to graph vectors with respect to both magnitude and direction.

Performing Operations on Vectors in the Plane

3. Performing Operations on Vectors in the Plane

After watching this video lesson, you should be able to add, subtract, and multiply your vectors. Learn how easy it is to perform these operations and what you need to keep in mind when performing these operations.

Practice Adding & Subtracting Vectors

4. Practice Adding & Subtracting Vectors

Vectors are entities that have two pieces of information associated with them, magnitude and direction. In this lesson, we will practice adding and subtracting vectors both graphically and algebraically. To do this we will break vectors down into their components.

The Dot Product of Vectors: Definition & Application

5. The Dot Product of Vectors: Definition & Application

After watching this video lesson, you will be able to find the dot product of vectors both algebraically and geometrically. Learn the difference between the two and what you need in order to calculate them.

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