Ch 17: Vertebrates

About This Chapter

Learn about the origin of vertebrates, their evolution and distinguishing characteristics in this series of video lessons. You can assess your learning through multiple-choice quizzes that follow each lesson.

Vertebrates -- Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Vertebrates, or animals with spines, show a great deal of diversity today, but all are related and come from the same origins. In this chapter's lessons, we'll look at the common characteristics of vertebrates and how certain features evolved and why. Lessons will cover chordates, reptiles, amphibians, and more, and by the end of this chapter, you'll have gained an understanding of topics including:

  • Characteristics that especially show the diversity among vertebrates
  • What roles amphibians play in habitats
  • The importance of reptiles

Video Objective
Vertebrates: Definition, Features & ClassificationExplore the characteristics that define vertebrates and cause such diversity.
Chordates: Features, Groups & Characteristics Identify the three groups of chordates.
Fishes and Sharks: Origins of Jaws in VertebratesGet information on how jaws developed in vertebrates.
Amphibians: Traits, Types & Roles Examine the roles of various types of amphibians including frogs and salamanders.
Reptiles: Features, Types & Importance Learn about snakes, crocodiles, turtles, and other reptiles.

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