Ch 5: Vietnam War During the Nixon Years

About This Chapter

Watch online video lessons and learn about Vietnamization, the Cooper-Church Amendment, the Paris Peace Accords and more. Take the quizzes that follow each lesson to test your knowledge of the period.

Vietnam War During the Nixon Years - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

If you're looking to review significant events occurring toward the Vietnam War's end, our instructors can help you examine Nixon's plans to de-escalate American involvement in the war and the congressional actions that ultimately brought an end to U.S. air strikes and troop deployment. The negotiations that produced a temporary cease fire are also discussed. This chapter is designed to teach you:

  • Nixon's strategies for shifting control of military operations to the South Vietnamese
  • Outcomes of U.S. military operations in Laos and Cambodia
  • Forms of congressional opposition to the war
  • Conditions of the Paris Peace Accords

Video Objectives
Vietnamization: Nixon's Plan to Withdraw American Forces Understand Nixon's plan to turn the war over to the South Vietnamese in order to expedite pacification and gradually withdraw American forces.
Cambodia and Laos: Impact of Major Operations Under Nixon Uncover Nixon's secret bombing of Cambodia as well as Operation Lam Son 719 in Laos.
American Dissent During the Vietnam War Examine the second wave of American dissent against the war and explore forms of congressional opposition, including the Case-Church Amendment, Cooper-Church Amendment and War Powers Act.
The Paris Peace Accords in 1973: Nixon, Kissinger & North Vietnam Trace the negotiations between Nixon, Kissinger and North Vietnam and their culmination in the signing of the Paris Peace Accords.

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