Ch 3: Virtual Teams & Project Management

About This Chapter

Review the materials in this chapter for an overview of virtual teams and project management. Referencing our lessons can help you go over anything you missed during class, and may even help you get ahead in your studies.

Virtual Teams & Project Management - Chapter Summary

In a global world, team members don't always have to be at the same location to work together. This chapter provides a thorough discussion of the concepts of virtual teams and project management. Our instructors have used their resources to build informative lessons that display the inner workings of virtual teams. Additionally, these lessons will go over important vocabulary words, strategies, and project management efficiency tactics. By mastering all the information in this chapter, you will have increased your knowledge of this topic and be prepared to do the following:

  • Describe the benefits of virtual teams
  • Identify the steps for organizing and planning a virtual team
  • Analyze productivity tips for virtual team building
  • Explain effective strategies for leading virtual teams
  • Define the major communication strategies for virtual teams
  • Examine the typical communication tools that virtual teams use

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Virtual Teams & Project Management
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Advantages of Virtual Teams

1. Advantages of Virtual Teams

Companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses, recruit more talented employees, and increase customer satisfaction. One emerging trend is the use of virtual teams. Read this lesson to learn about the advantages of a virtual team.

Planning & Organizing a Virtual Team

2. Planning & Organizing a Virtual Team

With more employees working from home and satellite offices, virtual teams are becoming common in business today. Virtual team success depends on creating work plans, work protocols, scheduling strategies, and technology plans.

Tips for Building Productive Virtual Teams

3. Tips for Building Productive Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are trending in the business world. While just assembling a group of people does not always yield high productivity, implementing the right strategies may help to build a dynamic virtual team.

How to Lead Virtual Teams Effectively

4. How to Lead Virtual Teams Effectively

Your team is spread out all over the world and it's your job to lead them effectively. This lesson offers three areas you can focus on to strengthen communication, loyalty, and team spirit.

Communication Strategies for Virtual Teams

5. Communication Strategies for Virtual Teams

Communication is one of the factors that can make or break a virtual team. Having strategies to encourage and support the needed communication is vital for a virtual team's success. Use these tips to improve communication.

Communication Tools for Virtual Teams

6. Communication Tools for Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are growing in popularity, requiring widespread implementation of communication tools to help the teams to be more effective. This lesson offers suggestions for using communication tools for virtual teams.

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