Ch 39: Visual Arts Concepts

About This Chapter

These online lessons will provide you with helpful instruction on topics related to visual art concepts. Each video lesson is taught by an experienced instructor who will go over all points you should know about these topics.

Visual Art Concepts - Chapter Summary

Watch these online video lessons to learn important facts about visual art concepts. The chapter is divided into different topics that will allow you to come away with a comprehensive understanding of this subject.

The lessons will begin by going over some of the different types of art and conceptual theories related to visual art as a whole. Then, you will learn about the practical materials used in the production of visual art. When you complete this chapter, you will have a much better understanding of:

  • The seven elements of art
  • Visual art material and tools
  • The definition and types of visual art processes
  • The connections between different types of art

You can use the chapter's video tags to return to crucial points of information from each lesson. The chapter also offers hard copy transcripts of the lessons for you to review at your own convenience. Once you are confident in your knowledge of this subject, you can test your understanding of visual art by taking the chapter's practice quizzes.

5 Lessons in Chapter 39: Visual Arts Concepts
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What Are the Seven Elements of Art? - Definition & Examples

1. What Are the Seven Elements of Art? - Definition & Examples

The elements of art are the building blocks of all art. Every piece of art ever created includes one or more of these elements. Learn about line, color, shape, form, value, space, and texture.

Visual Art: Materials & Tools

2. Visual Art: Materials & Tools

Have you ever painted a picture with watercolors or made a monster out of modeling clay? Visual artists use all kinds of equipment and work with a variety of materials, some of which we'll discuss in this lesson.

Visual Art Processes: Definition & Types

3. Visual Art Processes: Definition & Types

In this lesson, we'll explore several types of visual arts processes, including collage, mosaic, printmaking (relief, intaglio, lithography, and screenprinting), photography, and digital imaging.

Visual Art: Elements of Various Genres

4. Visual Art: Elements of Various Genres

There are many different types of visual art like drawing and painting, and each has its own techniques and styles. Through this lesson, you will explore various genres, or categories, of visual art and consider some examples of the different elements that contribute to the finished product.

Connecting Different Types of Art & Disciplines

5. Connecting Different Types of Art & Disciplines

How are arts activities such as dance, music, and visual arts related? Does one discipline influence the others - and how? In this lesson, we'll explore some examples of relationships between the arts and other disciplines.

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