Ch 12: Vocabulary Instruction & Assessment

About This Chapter

Several comprehensive videos accompany this chapter to instruct you on the importance of teaching vocabulary. Lessons include everything from how to teach vocabulary words to the etymology of words.

Vocabulary Instruction & Assessment - Chapter Summary

Language arts is a very important subject for students to learn, and instructing them on their vocabulary can be essential to their education. Teaching vocabulary can at times be a challenge, but with the right techniques and resources, any instructor will be able to effectively teach the course content. This chapter has many detailed components and includes lessons in:

  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Understanding the meaning of words
  • Effective vocabulary instruction
  • Teaching vocabulary words
  • Content area literacy
  • Activities for indirect instruction
  • Effective tools and techniques for vocabulary assessment

This chapter was specifically made to help you learn effectively and efficiently. The chapter content is crafted by educational experts who use their experience in education to provide practical techniques that can be implemented in the classroom setting. You can also reinforce your understanding with the short quizzes at the end of each lesson.

8 Lessons in Chapter 12: Vocabulary Instruction & Assessment
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Vocabulary Acquisition: Processes & Examples

1. Vocabulary Acquisition: Processes & Examples

The three steps to learning new words is shown in this video lesson. You will see examples of activities that you can do in the classroom to help you teach your students new vocabulary and learn things to avoid when teaching vocabulary.

The Etymology of Words

2. The Etymology of Words

Words are at the center of almost all forms of communication in our society. Watch this video lesson to learn about word etymology and how it affects our world.

Selecting Words for Vocabulary Instruction

3. Selecting Words for Vocabulary Instruction

When students understand and are fluent with vocabulary they have a better understanding of what they read. How can teachers focus their instruction? This lesson will show how to create vocabulary lists to enhance subject knowledge.

How to Teach Vocabulary Words

4. How to Teach Vocabulary Words

Without a rich vocabulary, students have little foundation to understand what they are reading. This lesson highlights vocabulary strategies that can be used to develop student vocabulary skills in elementary, middle and high school.

Teaching Vocabulary in Context

5. Teaching Vocabulary in Context

Learning vocabulary in context helps people make connections for better comprehension. We'll look at a variety of learning strategies that can help students understand and incorporate new words effectively. After the lesson, test your new knowledge with our quiz questions!

Content Area Literacy: Definition & Instructional Practices

6. Content Area Literacy: Definition & Instructional Practices

Learning to read in different content areas is a skill that serves students well. Content-area literacy does not necessarily come naturally, so this lesson gives you some ideas for helping students read well across the content areas.

Indirect Vocabulary Instruction Activities

7. Indirect Vocabulary Instruction Activities

As students progress, it sometimes becomes necessary to let them take the lead. This lesson provides teachers with indirect vocabulary instruction activities designed for classroom use.

Effective Techniques for Vocabulary Assessment

8. Effective Techniques for Vocabulary Assessment

In this lesson, we will examine various types of vocabulary assessments and discuss how teachers select words to be taught and assessed based on intended outcomes.

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