Ch 2: War & the American Colonies

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Make the process of preparing for a test or completing a project that covers war in the American colonies simple using this chapter's learning and study tools. Our bite-sized lessons and short quizzes can enhance your comprehension in a short period of time.

War & the American Colonies - Chapter Summary

Whether you know a little or a lot about war and other armed conflicts in Britain's thirteen American colonies, this chapter can help you gain full comprehension. Study fun lessons developed by top instructors to gain greater insight into the Pequot War of 1637, the Stono Rebellion, King George's War, Pontiac's Rebellion and more. Multiple-choice quizzes and a practice exam make it easy to find out how well you comprehend these historic events. If you hit a snag during your studies or need additional information about concepts covered in the lessons, be sure to submit your questions to our experts. After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Provide facts about North American exploration and French and English colonies that failed
  • List and discuss the first European settlements of North America
  • Share a summary and timeline of the Pequot War
  • Discuss the timeline and results of King Philip's War of 1675
  • Detail the causes and significance of Bacon's Rebellion
  • Define and share a summary of the Stono Rebellion
  • Summarize and provide a timeline of King George's War
  • Outline the causes and effects of the Seven Years' War
  • Offer a summary of Pontiac's Rebellion

9 Lessons in Chapter 2: War & the American Colonies
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North American Exploration & Failed Colonies of France & England

1. North American Exploration & Failed Colonies of France & England

Between 1497 and 1607, the rulers and leading citizens of European nations fought to establish their own empires in North America, as Spain had been doing for 100 years in South America. Learn about influential explorers and their failed attempts to establish their own New World colonies.

First European Settlements of North America

2. First European Settlements of North America

In this lesson, you will explore the first years of European colonization in North America as several nations attempted to establish their first colonial settlements. Then, you can test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Pequot War of 1637: Summary & Timeline

3. Pequot War of 1637: Summary & Timeline

Between 1636 and 1637, one of the first engagements between the Native Indians and the English Puritans transpired in the newly formed colony of Connecticut. Learn about the preliminary events, the conflict, and the outcome of the Pequot War.

King Philip's War of 1675: Summary, Results & Timeline

4. King Philip's War of 1675: Summary, Results & Timeline

The United States has been involved in many terrible wars. The deadliest war in American history, considering the number of people involved, happened 200 years before the Civil War. Learn here about King Philip's War of 1675.

Bacon's Rebellion: Summary, Causes & Significance

5. Bacon's Rebellion: Summary, Causes & Significance

One hundred years before the American Revolution, seeds of rebellion against royal authority were planted in Virginia. Some historians point to Bacon's rebellion as the original seed of such revolution.

Stono Rebellion: Definition & Summary

6. Stono Rebellion: Definition & Summary

This lesson will explore what led slaves in colonial South Carolina to take the enormous risk of revolt and the results of their attempt. You will learn about the biggest slave rebellion in Colonial America, the Stono Rebellion, and the effects this rebellion had on both slaves and slaveholders.

King George's War: Timeline & Summary

7. King George's War: Timeline & Summary

Did you know that France and England were at war with one another over land in the New World long before the American Revolution? This lesson explains the causes and major events of King George's War.

Seven Years' War: Summary, Causes & Effects

8. Seven Years' War: Summary, Causes & Effects

Many historians argue that without the Seven Years' War, the Revolution would not have taken place. Develop an understanding of the Seven Years' War, specifically the impact of the conflict on the American Colonies and their desire to break from England.

Pontiac's Rebellion Definition & Summary

9. Pontiac's Rebellion Definition & Summary

Through this lesson, you will learn about the events that led to the Native American/colonial conflict known as Pontiac's Rebellion, and gain insight into how the event has influenced over two hundred years of American history.

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