Ch 27: Water Sample Analysis

About This Chapter

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Water Sample Analysis - Chapter Summary

Work through this chapter to review topics related to water sample analysis, such as water sampling tools and protocols. The chapter's bite-sized and informative lessons also examine chemical contaminants, water distribution on Earth, surface water properties and more. Upon completion of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the properties of surface water
  • Understand how water is distributed around the planet Earth
  • Discuss water supply and water quality
  • Evaluate several tools and protocols used in water sampling
  • Identify chemical contaminants that affect our water supply

This chapter comes with several resources to help you solidify your understanding of key water sample analysis topics; you can submit questions online to our expert science instructors and take our interactive self-assessments that follow each lesson. This mobile-friendly study resource is available at any time of day or night and accessible on any device that has an Internet connection.

5 Lessons in Chapter 27: Water Sample Analysis
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Surface Water: Definition & Properties

1. Surface Water: Definition & Properties

Surface water is the liquid that collects on the earth's surface such as oceans, rivers, and wetlands. Explore the definition and properties of surface water including temperature, salinity, dissolved nutrients, and turbidity.

The Distribution of Water on Earth

2. The Distribution of Water on Earth

Water covers a good amount of the surface of the Earth, and allows for the existence of life on our planet. It moves and changes forms through the water cycle, affecting weather, geographical features, temperatures, and water supplies. Investigate how water is distributed on Earth, in forms such as soil moisture and surface water.

Water Quality & Water Supply: Definition & Purpose

3. Water Quality & Water Supply: Definition & Purpose

Learn the difference between water quality and supply, including the factors that make up good quality of water, and why it's important for humans and other animals alike. Check the quality of your learning by finishing with a quiz.

Water Sampling: Tools & Protocols

4. Water Sampling: Tools & Protocols

It is important to have good sampling methods when testing water so that we can determine the actual quality of the water. In this lesson, we will look at some of the tools and protocols for sampling water.

Chemical Contaminants in Water

5. Chemical Contaminants in Water

Have you ever wondered what the major causes of the chemical contamination of our precious water supply are? Or, perhaps you've wondered what important chemical contaminants are? This lesson outlines both.

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