Ch 14: Western Religions

About This Chapter

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Western Religions - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you'll learn/review basic information about a variety of Western religions, including Unitarian Universalism, Gnosticism and Haredi Judaism. Each lesson dives into the histories, beliefs, symbols and practices of these religions. Try the accompanying self-assessment quizzes to make sure you fully understand these religious concepts. The chapter is entirely self-paced, and you can use any computer or mobile device to access these resources. When you're finished with the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Evaluate the beliefs, history, symbols, books, temples and teachings of the Eckankar religion
  • Describe Unitarian Universalist symbols, beliefs and history
  • Interpret facts about the beliefs, rituals and history of voodoo religions
  • Assess the history, beliefs and symbols of Gnosticism
  • Compare the tenets of Hasidic Judaism and Haredi Judaism

7 Lessons in Chapter 14: Western Religions
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What is Eckankar? - Beliefs, History & Symbol

1. What is Eckankar? - Beliefs, History & Symbol

In this lesson, you're going to learn a bit about something known as Eckankar. Namely, a bit about its history, terminology, and some of its major beliefs.

Unitarian Universalist: Beliefs, Symbols & Quotes

2. Unitarian Universalist: Beliefs, Symbols & Quotes

In this lesson, we'll explore the beliefs and symbol of the Unitarian Universalists, punctuated with accompanying quotes. We will learn what unifies their diverse religion and the history of their symbol with its legacy of service and sacrifice.

Unitarian Universalist: Definition & History

3. Unitarian Universalist: Definition & History

The Unitarian Universalist Church boasts a long and storied history and openness to all. In this lesson, we will learn what its names mean, and where the faith originated.

Voodoo Religions: Beliefs & Rituals

4. Voodoo Religions: Beliefs & Rituals

In this lesson, we look at the mysterious and intriguing religion of Voodoo. To sort fact from fiction, we'll explore some of their actual beliefs and a few of their rituals to get a better idea of what Voodoo really is.

Voodoo Religions: History & Facts

5. Voodoo Religions: History & Facts

This lesson will give an overview of Voodoo, more properly known as Vodou. The roots and origins of Vodou will be explored, and its basic components will be described.

Gnosticism: Definition & History

6. Gnosticism: Definition & History

In this lesson, find out about a secret sect the early Church tried to erase. We'll explain Gnosticism and who the Gnostics were as well as the history of their faith and their conflict with the Church.

Gnosticism: Beliefs & Symbols

7. Gnosticism: Beliefs & Symbols

In this lesson, learn about the Gnostics, a mysterious sect in early Christianity. We'll discuss their beliefs, including their version of creation and salvation, as well as symbols they used.

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