Ch 8: Word Choice in Essay Writing

About This Chapter

This chapter is a guide to incorporating optimal vocabulary into your essays. Learn about enhancing your word choice by studying our lessons on wordiness, diverse language, and precise language. In each lesson, ponder the examples given.

Word Choice in Essay Writing - Chapter Summary

If we have an entire chapter dedicated to word choice, you can surmise that it's a topic of quintessential significance in writing. In these lessons, you'll examine how word choice influences the meaning your essay conveys. A few of the topics you'll study are: wordiness, redundancy, variation, and precise language. Our lessons demonstrate how to be keen in your selection of vocabulary. Upon completion of the chapter, you'll be able to complete these objectives:

  • Assert your ''voice'': your words designate and illustrate your stance in your essay
  • Improve the coherence of your writing via word choice
  • Elect the most appropriate action verbs, nouns, and modifiers
  • Identify the overuse of words and search for better-fitting synonyms
  • Express yourself with clarity and creativity through figurative language, like similes
  • Pinpoint areas of redundancy, where you use variations of words to say the same thing

If you're inclined to become a word wizard and an essay writing genius, you've found the ideal chapter. Our instructors provide clear explanations about the problems and solutions to word choice in writing. You'll review abundant examples, because seeing these word editing strategies in action will show you how to apply these tips yourself. We have engaging learning videos, and as a plus, you can admire our instructors' thoughtful, coherent, and effective writing by reading the text lesson version!

6 Lessons in Chapter 8: Word Choice in Essay Writing
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How Word Choice and Language Sets the Tone of Your Essay

1. How Word Choice and Language Sets the Tone of Your Essay

In this video, we will discuss how word choice sets the tone for your essay. This includes letting the reader know if you are angry, happy or even attempting to refrain from bias. These tools bring your 'voice' into your writing.

The Importance of Using Precise Language in Writing

2. The Importance of Using Precise Language in Writing

The simple tips in this lesson will help your writing come to life. Learn how to choose particular nouns and verbs that are active or that show precise states of being, perfect modifiers, and, as an added bonus, a very powerful writing tool: similes.

The Importance of Varied Word Choice in Essays

3. The Importance of Varied Word Choice in Essays

If you're working on an essay and know you need help with word choice, look no further. We've got you covered! Check out the following lesson which will take a look at just what it means to use varied word choice in essays.

Coherence in Writing: Definition & Examples

4. Coherence in Writing: Definition & Examples

Have you ever wanted to make your writing more logical, unified, and consistent? What you are looking for is to improve the coherence in your writing. This lesson will give you tips and examples for making your writing more coherent.

How to Identify & Reduce Wordiness in Writing

5. How to Identify & Reduce Wordiness in Writing

The overuse of words is a very problematic issue in any form of writing. But how do you actually cut down on wordiness? This lesson gives tips on how to identify and reduce wordiness.

How to Avoid Redundancy in Your Writing

6. How to Avoid Redundancy in Your Writing

Does your writing redundantly say the same thing twice? Is it full of unnecessary and inessential repetition of things you've already said before? Learn how to fix it here!

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