Ch 2: Working With Inequalities: Tutoring Solution

About This Chapter

The Working with Inequalities chapter of this High School Precalculus Tutoring Solution is a flexible and affordable path to learning about working with inequalities. These simple and fun video lessons are each about five minutes long and they teach all of the operations involving inequalities required in a typical high school precalculus course.

How it works:

  • Begin your assignment or other precalculus work.
  • Identify the inequalities concepts that you're stuck on.
  • Find fun videos on the topics you need to understand.
  • Press play, watch and learn!
  • Complete the quizzes to test your understanding.
  • As needed, submit a question to one of our instructors for personalized support.

Who's it for?

This chapter of our high school precalculus tutoring solution will benefit any student who is trying to learn how to work with inequalities and earn better grades. This resource can help students including those who:

  • Struggle with understanding 1- and 2-variable inequalities, absolute value inequalities, translations to inequalities or any other inequalities topic
  • Have limited time for studying
  • Want a cost effective way to supplement their math learning
  • Prefer learning math visually
  • Find themselves failing or close to failing their working with inequalities unit
  • Cope with ADD or ADHD
  • Want to get ahead in precalculus
  • Don't have access to their math teacher outside of class

Why it works:

  • Engaging Tutors: We make learning how to work with inequalities simple and fun.
  • Cost Efficient: For less than 20% of the cost of a private tutor, you'll have unlimited access 24/7.
  • Consistent High Quality: Unlike a live precalculus tutor, these video lessons are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Convenient: Imagine a tutor as portable as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Learn inequalities on the go!
  • Learn at Your Pace: You can pause and rewatch lessons as often as you'd like, until you master the material.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to graph 1- and 2-variabile inequalities.
  • Understand set notation, compound inequalities and systems of inequalities.
  • Find out how to solve and graph an absolute value inequality.
  • Discover how to translate math sentences to inequalities.

7 Lessons in Chapter 2: Working With Inequalities: Tutoring Solution
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What is an Inequality?

1. What is an Inequality?

An inequality is an equation that uses greater or less than symbols and is helpful in situations with multiple solutions. Explore inequalities, two-variable inequalities, and how to graph two-variable inequalities.

How to Graph 1- and 2-Variable Inequalities

2. How to Graph 1- and 2-Variable Inequalities

The number of variable inequalities in an equation affects how it is solved and graphed. Learn more about the properties of one-variable and two-variable inequalities and how to graph them on number lines and coordinate planes.

Set Notation, Compound Inequalities, and Systems of Inequalities

3. Set Notation, Compound Inequalities, and Systems of Inequalities

To solve problems where there are multiple points that require inequality symbols, strategies for compound equalities must be used. Learn about compound inequalities and how to represent these problems through set notation and interval notation and how to use systems of inequalities to solve these types of problems.

Graphing Inequalities: Practice Problems

4. Graphing Inequalities: Practice Problems

Whether an inequality has one or two variables is an important distinction when graphing these types of algebraic expressions. Learn more about when to use a number line or a coordinate plane when graphing inequalities by solving some practice problems.

How to Solve and Graph an Absolute Value Inequality

5. How to Solve and Graph an Absolute Value Inequality

Inequalities express 'greater than' or 'less than' and are useful in situations where the maximum or minimum is known and can be solved like equations. Learn the rules for solving and graphing inequalities with one variable and two variables, including absolute values.

Solving and Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities: Practice Problems

6. Solving and Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities: Practice Problems

Absolute value inequalities must be split into new inequalities in order to be solved. Explore the difference between an AND and an OR compound inequality and how to solve and graph them using a system of inequalities with practice problems.

Translating Math Sentences to Inequalities

7. Translating Math Sentences to Inequalities

Math sentences, also called word problems, can be confusing until they are broken down into simple math problems. Learn how to translate math sentences to inequalities by defining the keywords and symbols used in inequalities and isolating the variable so the equation can be solved.

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