Ch 16: Workplace Health Issues

About This Chapter

In this chapter, you'll find informative lessons on various workplace health issues. You can use these lessons and their accompanying quizzes to prepare for a test or get homework help.

Workplace Health Issues - Chapter Summary

This chapter walks you through a number of workplace health issues. The brief but informative lessons help you understand topics such as the benefits of office ergonomics, including desktop, keyboard and mouse ergonomics. You'll also take a look at important employee safety issues. After you complete the chapter, you will also be able to do the following:

  • Differentiate between different workplace risk programs
  • Analyze the impact of alcoholism in the workplace
  • Explore the effects of substance abuse at work
  • Identify types of employee assistance programs

Use the self-assessment quiz that comes with each lesson to test your memory of the concepts you've reviewed. You can view the entire chapter on your computer or favorite mobile device. If you have any questions, our instructors are happy to help out.

7 Lessons in Chapter 16: Workplace Health Issues
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Office Ergonomics: Definition & Benefits

1. Office Ergonomics: Definition & Benefits

This lesson looks at the importance of office ergonomics. We'll review what ergonomics is, ergonomic solutions, and the benefits of these solutions in addition to how these solutions affect productivity, cost, quality, morale, risk, and turnover.

Desktop Ergonomics: Definition & Optimization

2. Desktop Ergonomics: Definition & Optimization

The lesson will define the terms 'ergonomics' and 'desktop ergonomics' while discussing issues related with achieving optimal results. Included: monitor height and distance, chair height, desk height, and posture.

Keyboard & Mouse Ergonomics: Definition & Concept

3. Keyboard & Mouse Ergonomics: Definition & Concept

When you work for long periods of time on your computer, this can put a strain on your body. Better designed peripherals can help reduce this strain. The field of ergonomics examines the interaction between humans and computers to improve the design of devices like keyboards and mice.

Employee Safety & Workplace Risk Programs

4. Employee Safety & Workplace Risk Programs

All companies have safety and workplace risks, which can result in minor pain or major injuries. This lesson discusses different types of workplace hazards, the purpose of creating safety programs, and what's involved in creating safety programs.

Alcoholism in the Workplace

5. Alcoholism in the Workplace

Alcohol has a significant impact on performance, safety, and morale in the workplace. Alcohol consumption can have an impact even if a worker does not have a drinking problem. These impacts increase dramatically when alcohol abuse or alcoholism is present.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Impact, Assessment & Treatment

6. Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Impact, Assessment & Treatment

Substance abuse in the workplace not only affects the individual employee, but can have deleterious effects on coworkers and customers alike. Read this lesson to learn more about the negative impact substance abuse has on the workplace and what businesses can do to remedy this growing concern.

Employee Assistance Program: Definition & Benefits

7. Employee Assistance Program: Definition & Benefits

In this lesson we will learn about employee assistance programs or EAPs. We will define the term and discover the many personal and workplace problems that can be helped through an EAP. We will then discuss the benefits of EAPs and conclude with a summary and a quiz.

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