Ch 2: World Geography: Facts & Locations

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Help students improve their understanding of world geography using this chapter's online study resources. Reviewing fun lessons and taking multiple-choice quizzes can boost students' knowledge of specific facts and locations and prepare them for an upcoming exam.

World Geography: Facts & Locations - Chapter Summary

Our top instructors have created entertaining lessons students can study to learn more about important world geography facts and locations. Lessons examine the Rocky Mountains and Sahara Desert, in addition to specific countries and major rivers around the world. Students can view these lessons anytime their schedules permit. When finished, they should be able to:

  • Describe the climate and people of the Andes Mountains
  • Discuss the conditions of the Sahara Desert
  • Name the locations of the major rivers of the world
  • Share the history of the Yangtze River
  • Identify Africa's countries
  • Provide facts about Canada, Colombia, Chili and Peru
  • List Asian countries and their capitals
  • Pinpoint the countries and capitals of Oceania

If questions arise while students view the lessons, they can easily submit them to our experts. Students can gauge their comprehension of the lessons before and after selecting them by taking the accompanying quizzes. To get a comprehensive review of this chapter, students can also take the chapter exam.

12 Lessons in Chapter 2: World Geography: Facts & Locations
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Andes Mountains: Facts & Location

1. Andes Mountains: Facts & Location

The Andes Mountains are the world's longest mountain range. Learn where the Andes are located, and learn facts about the Andes' climate, people, and animals.

Rocky Mountains Facts: Lesson for Kids

2. Rocky Mountains Facts: Lesson for Kids

The Rocky Mountains are well known for their beautiful mountain peaks. In this lesson, we'll explore those peaks and discover how these mountains were formed. We'll also explore the special features and recreational opportunities found in this mountain chain!

Sahara Desert Facts: Lesson for Kids

3. Sahara Desert Facts: Lesson for Kids

It is 3.5 million square miles of sand and sun! No we are not talking about laying on a beach at the ocean in the sand, sun, and fun. You will be learning about one of the world's largest deserts and one of the harshest environments on Earth, the great Sahara Desert.

Major Rivers of the World: Names & Locations

4. Major Rivers of the World: Names & Locations

Although you might think of rivers as swimming holes, they have an entire host of benefits that are important for plants, animals, and humans. In this lesson, we'll look at five of the most important rivers of the world, the Mississippi, Amazon, Nile, Mekong, and Ganges.

Yangtze River: Facts, History & Location

5. Yangtze River: Facts, History & Location

In this lesson you will learn some interesting facts about the Yangtze River, a beautiful waterway in China. Discover the importance of this river in Chinese history, and then take a short quiz at the end of this lesson to test what you have learned.

African Countries: Names & Map

6. African Countries: Names & Map

Africa is the second largest continent both in size and population. This lesson contains some brief facts as well as a chart listing all of the African countries, as well as their capitals and the languages spoken.

Canada Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

7. Canada Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

In this lesson you will learn about the country of Canada. We'll learn about the history of Canada and the structure of its government. We will even explore the geography, climate, wildlife and the many natural resources that Canada has to offer.

Colombia Lesson for Kids: Facts & History

8. Colombia Lesson for Kids: Facts & History

From the colibri to the tree frogs, Colombia is rich in plant and animal life. In this lesson, we'll look at how the rainforests and tropical climate make Colombia such a beautiful South American country to study.

Chile Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

9. Chile Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

Chile is a country that runs north to south along the coastline of South America. It borders the Pacific Ocean on the west, and Bolivia and Argentina to the east.

Peru Facts: Lesson for Kids

10. Peru Facts: Lesson for Kids

Peru is a country located in the western part of South America. In this lesson, learn about the nation's history and explore the climate and wildlife of the the three geographic regions that make up Peru.

Asian Countries & Capitals

11. Asian Countries & Capitals

This lesson will cover the many different countries and capitals of Asia as well as a few other points along the way. Asian countries are defined in this lesson via the UN classification scheme.

Oceania Countries & Capitals

12. Oceania Countries & Capitals

Oceania is a land composed of a continent, thousands of islands, a country with no capital, and the only Pacific monarchy. Read about these and other intriguing tidbits as you learn the names of the capitals and countries of Oceania.

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