Ch 9: World Religions & Beliefs

About This Chapter

Check out this chapter for supplemental teaching resources on world religions and beliefs. You'll find concise lessons and assessment quizzes that you can use in class or assign to students for homework.

World Religions & Beliefs - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers resources to help you instruct students on world religions and beliefs. Lessons cover key figures in Jewish religious history, the evolution of Brahmanism into Hinduism and the life and teachings of Buddha, among other topics. The engaging lessons can be shown in class to help students understand different world religions. Because all of our learning materials are developed by expert instructors, you can have confidence that what you're teaching is accurate.

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  • Assesses understanding: Our lesson quizzes and chapter test provide you with a handy way to check how well your students understand these world religion topics.
  • Eases planning: These lessons are accessible at any time on your mobile device or computer, so you can plan your world religion lessons any time that works well for you.
  • Promotes discussion: Use the lessons or quiz questions as conversation starters to engage students in classroom discussion.

Skills Covered

When you use this chapter, your students should be able to:

  • Outline the origins and significance of Judaism
  • Identify key figures in Jewish religious history
  • Detail the elements and history of the Jewish belief system
  • Discuss the beliefs of Brahmanism and its evolution into early Hinduism
  • Describe the Hindu belief system
  • Asses the moral teachings and life of Buddha
  • Explain the spread of Buddhism in Tang China
  • Provide a history of Confucianism and its beliefs
  • Discuss the Tao-Te Ching and the origins of Taoism
  • Outline the origin of Christianity

9 Lessons in Chapter 9: World Religions & Beliefs
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Judaism: Origins & Significance

1. Judaism: Origins & Significance

Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions, largely due to its ability to travel, but it has had an even greater influence on two other world religions, Christianity and Islam.

Who Was Moses? - Story & History

2. Who Was Moses? - Story & History

Moses is one of the main characters of the Hebrew Bible. A historical figure of great importance, his personality and actions helped set the tone for the three great religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Jewish Belief System: Description, Elements & History

3. The Jewish Belief System: Description, Elements & History

This lesson will explore the ancient religion of Judaism, the faith of the Jewish people. In doing so, it will highlight the concept of monotheism, Yahweh's covenant with Abraham and the Jewish texts of law.

Brahmanism: Beliefs & Evolution into Early Hinduism

4. Brahmanism: Beliefs & Evolution into Early Hinduism

Brahmanism predates every other contemporary religion in India, but has had an impact, directly or indirectly, on all of them. This lesson discusses the mysterious past of Brahmanism and how Hinduism evolved from it.

The Hindu Belief System: Dharma, Karma, and Moksha

5. The Hindu Belief System: Dharma, Karma, and Moksha

This lesson will explore the Hindu belief system by explaining the concepts of karma, dharma and moksha. It will also highlight the importance of atman within the Hindu faith.

Buddha: Life & Moral Teachings

6. Buddha: Life & Moral Teachings

With hundreds of millions of believers, Buddhism is one of the most influential religious traditions in the world. Learn more about its founder, his surprising early life and his basic teachings.

Confucianism: Definition, Beliefs & History

7. Confucianism: Definition, Beliefs & History

Confucianism is an ancient philosophy of respect and kindness. Learn about the history of Confucianism, including its philosophy and founder. Then, test your understanding of the subject with a short quiz.

The Origins of Taoism: History, the Uncarved Block & Tao-Te Ching

8. The Origins of Taoism: History, the Uncarved Block & Tao-Te Ching

This lesson will seek to explain the rather nebulous founding of Taoism. In doing so, it will explore the concepts of the Tao and the Pu, while also highlighting the role Lao-tzu played in the formation of this ancient Eastern philosophy.

Christianity: Origin & Teachings

9. Christianity: Origin & Teachings

Learn about the origins of Christianity and how the death of Jesus launched an entire religion. Discover the key teachings of Christianity. See how much you've picked up by taking a quiz.

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