Ch 13: Writing Skills Instruction

About This Chapter

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Writing Skills Instruction - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers a fun and informative examination of strategies educators use to teach writing skills to ELL students. Get reacquainted with best practices for helping students develop skills for different forms of writing and also examine ways to ensure students understand how to structure their writing. Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to do the following:

  • List techniques for teaching beginning writing skills to ELL students
  • Share strategies for teaching sentence structure to ELL students
  • Offer tips for instructing ESL students on paragraph structure
  • Give strategies for educating ELL students on narrative writing
  • Provide techniques for instructing ELL students on expository writing
  • Discuss best practices for teaching ELL students persuasive writing

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6 Lessons in Chapter 13: Writing Skills Instruction
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Teaching Beginning Writing Skills to ELL Students

1. Teaching Beginning Writing Skills to ELL Students

Teaching writing to beginning English language learners (ELLs) requires a variety of skills. This lesson lays out strategies, tips, and techniques for reaching this impressionable audience.

Teaching Sentence Structure to ELL Students

2. Teaching Sentence Structure to ELL Students

When English language learners (ELLs) understand the foundations of good writing, they are in a better position to excel academically. This lesson provides teachers with strategies they can use to teach sentence structure and formation to ELLs.

Teaching Paragraph Structure to ESL Students

3. Teaching Paragraph Structure to ESL Students

The purpose of this lesson is to share strategies to help English language learners create strong paragraphs. We'll also discuss some tips to help guide the paragraph writing process.

Teaching ELL Students Narrative Writing

4. Teaching ELL Students Narrative Writing

While sometimes overlooked, narrative writing can be a valuable academic tool in an ELL classroom. This lesson outlines how teachers can use narrative writing to enhance and improve ELL writing skills and understanding.

Teaching ELL Students Expository Writing

5. Teaching ELL Students Expository Writing

Since writing is an active skill, your ELL students may view it as a huge challenge. This lesson gives you some ideas to introduce and promote expository writing skills among your students.

Teaching ELL Students Persuasive Writing

6. Teaching ELL Students Persuasive Writing

Being a good writer requires many different skills. This lesson discusses methods and strategies teachers can use to teach persuasive writing to ELLs.

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