Ch 5: Writing Structure & Organization in Literature: Tutoring Solution

About This Chapter

The Writing Structure and Organization chapter of this SAT Subject Test in Literature Tutoring Solution is a flexible and affordable path to learning about writing structure and organization. These simple and fun video lessons are each about five minutes long, and they teach all of the writing structure and organization methods required in a typical SAT literature prep course.

How it works:

  • Begin your assignment or other SAT literature prep work.
  • Identify the writing structure and organization concepts that you're stuck on.
  • Find fun videos on the topics you need to understand.
  • Press play, watch and learn!
  • Complete the quizzes to test your understanding.
  • As needed, submit a question to one of our instructors for personalized support.

Who's it for?

This chapter of our SAT literature tutoring solution will benefit any student who is trying to learn about writing structure and organization and prepare for the exam. This resource can help students including those who:

  • Struggle with understanding plot, setting, theme or any other writing structure and organization topic
  • Have limited time for studying
  • Want a cost effective way to supplement their learning
  • Prefer learning about literature visually
  • Find themselves struggling to prepare for the SAT literature subject test
  • Cope with ADD or ADHD
  • Want to get ahead in preparing for the SAT subject test in literature
  • Don't have access to their SAT literature instructor outside of class

Why it works:

  • Engaging Tutors: We make learning writing structure and organization simple and fun.
  • Cost Efficient: For less than 20% of the cost of a private tutor, you'll have unlimited access 24/7.
  • Consistent High Quality: Unlike a live SAT literature tutor, these video lessons are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Convenient: Imagine a tutor as portable as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Learn about writing structure and organization on the go!
  • Learn at Your Pace: You can pause and rewatch lessons as often as you'd like, until you master the material.

Learning objectives:

  • Review what structure is in writing.
  • Explore various ways to structure fiction.
  • Find out how structure can affect the meaning of your writing.

6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Writing Structure & Organization in Literature: Tutoring Solution
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What is Structure in Writing and How Does it Affect Meaning?

1. What is Structure in Writing and How Does it Affect Meaning?

In this lesson, we will define the role of structure in literature. From there, we will look at the different ways to structure fiction and how it affects the meaning.

Types of Writing

2. Types of Writing

The four major types of writing are persuasive, descriptive, narrative, and expository. In this lesson you will learn about each of these types in detail, as well as see some short examples to help further understanding.

Death of a Salesman Vocabulary

3. Death of a Salesman Vocabulary

Arthur Miller's play, ''The Death of a Salesman'', won a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award when it debuted in 1949, and it has remained a classic American drama ever since. Understanding the key vocabulary in this work helps to increase our overall understanding of the characters, plot, and major themes.

Invisible Man Characters: Analysis & Quotes

4. Invisible Man Characters: Analysis & Quotes

This lesson introduces and analyzes the main characters of Ralph Ellison's 1952 novel, Invisible Man. The book is about an African American man who is rendered invisible because of the color of his skin.

The Grapes of Wrath Vocabulary

5. The Grapes of Wrath Vocabulary

The Grapes of Wrath was written by John Steinbeck in response to the The Great Depression and the plight of migrant workers in 1930s America.This lesson explores the main vocabulary of The Grapes of Wrath.

The Hobbit Characters

6. The Hobbit Characters

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is a rich fantasy world with great characters - from the main character Bilbo Baggins to supporting characters like the wizard Gandalf, dwarves, and a dragon. This lesson explores the important characters in The Hobbit.

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