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Study.com offers Accuplacer practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

Practice tests, video lessons, diagnostic knowledge assessments, and personalized answers help you be ready on test day.

Taking practice tests is one of the most effective ways you can prepare for a diagnostic assessment like the Accuplacer. With Study.com's Accuplacer test prep courses, you'll have access to hundreds of expertly-designed tests and quizzes that reflect the content and structure of the Accuplacer. Just follow our proven study plan, and you'll know what's expected of you on test day, as well as how to meet - and even exceed - those expectations.

The Accuplacer measures your reading, writing and math skills as a way of predicting whether you're ready for college-level courses or in need of remedial work. If you're planning to take the Accuplacer before late January 2019, when the current exams will be replaced, check out our Accuplacer practice tests. We address each of the covered subjects individually, and our practice tests are formatted just like the actual Accuplacer to familiarize you with the material, style and format of the test. Best of all, with a Study.com membership, you can take our Accuplacer tests an unlimited number of times, allowing you to build on your knowledge until any test anxiety has faded away.

Ready to learn more? Take a free, no-risk, 15-question Accuplacer practice test today. You'll get immediate feedback on your strengths and weaknesses with the material, along with a study path designed to meet your academic needs. And this is just a taste of what a full Study.com membership will give you!

If you're ready to utilize all of our available study tools, sign up for a Study.com membership. Our full practice tests are only one component of our comprehensive Accuplacer study guides, which we've broken down into chapters for easy exploration. Within each chapter, you'll have access to dozens of bite-sized video lessons, designed by our team of experts with both engagement and full coverage of the material in mind. Each of these lessons is followed by a brief quiz, and an even more wide-ranging test marks the end of each chapter, giving you ample opportunity to master the material.

Additionally, our Accuplacer information resources will guide you through the test registration process and advise you on cost of the test, retake policies and scoring. Once your test date is set, we'll help you create a study plan that works with your schedule - you'll even be able to squeeze in short study sessions on-the-go using our Study.com Mobile App! And the support doesn't stop there! We'll send you helpful email reminders to make sure you stick to your study plan, and our team of subject-matter experts is available 24/7 to answer your content questions.

We're so confident that we've created the best way for you to prepare for the Acccuplacer that we even offer a money-back guarantee! So take a free, 15-question Accuplacer practice test today, and get started on your custom path to success!

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