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What is the AEPA Test?

Prospective Arizona teachers may be required to sit for several certification examinations, including a test of essential academic skills, an assessment of professional knowledge, subject area tests, and a test on the U.S. and Arizona constitutions.

AEPA Test Score Information

This article provides information on the scores needed to pass the AEPA examinations. Additionally, learn how to earn a successful score through the use of study measures and online resources.

How to Study for the AEPA Test

This article provides individuals who plan on taking the AEPA assessments information about how to best prepare for these exams. It provides general information on the exams as well as resources available online.

AEPA Exam Registration Information

This article provides information about AEPA exam registration policies, such as where to register and what happens if you need to reschedule an exam. You can also learn about preparing for the AEPA exams.

AEPA Test Accommodations

This article covers the process of applying for AEPA exam accommodations as well as who typically qualifies for accommodations. Information about study resources for these exams is also provided.

Prospective Arizona teachers may be required to sit for several certification examinations, including a test of essential academic skills, an assessment of professional knowledge, subject area tests, and a test on the U.S. and Arizona constitutions.

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When preparing for an Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments (AEPA) exam, it's a great idea to find out all you can about the program and how best to ensure test day is a success. Study.com provides exclusive access to a variety of AEPA resources that share the information you need! We offer a complete overview of the AEPA program, detailing what you can expect before, during and after taking an exam. With help from these resources, you'll be closer than ever to your goal of earning the educator certification necessary to teach in Arizona schools.

Our informational resources add value to your AEPA test prep process by ensuring you're fully knowledgeable of important of exam-related deadlines, fees and more. You'll learn about AEPA registration, how tests are scored and what they cost. We also share information about test accommodations and retaking an exam. Our resources go over the items you need to bring to the testing center and share fantastic tips for making your studies efficient and effective.

Need additional test prep assistance? Look no further than our AEPA courses! Our instructors have developed short and engaging video and text lessons designed to prepare you for exams custom-developed for use in Arizona and exams created by the National Evaluation Series (NES). Courses provide in-depth examinations of AEPA subject areas like mathematics, earth science, economics and health and feature multiple-choice quizzes to test your comprehension of each lesson. Online tutors are accessible 24/7 to clarify any lesson details you don't fully understand.

Our full-length AEPA practice tests are designed to confirm your grasp of main exam concepts while providing you with a testing experience that emulates one you will encounter on exam day. Get plenty of practice answering questions that mirror the format, content and style of actual AEPA test questions! After completing each test, you will receive a detailed diagnostic report that identifies and explains your correct answers. The report also directs you to lessons in our video courses that will help you strengthen any areas of weakness.

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