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Studying for an upcoming AEPA exam is simple with help from We offer exclusive access to a full suite of AEPA study guides designed to build your knowledge of main exam concepts, strengthen your test-taking skills and provide valuable insight into the AEPA program. Whether you're preparing for an exam custom-developed for Arizona or a National Evaluation Series (NES) exam, we've got you covered. Passing AEPA tests and achieving your goal of securing Arizona educator certification has never been easier!

Our study guides can prepare you for dozens of AEPA exams, including Early Childhood Education, Geography, Biology, Essential Academic Skills and the Assessment of Professional Knowledge. Here are just a few ways to enhance your AEPA test prep with our study guides:

  • Video courses. Included in our guides are entertaining AEPA courses you can take at your own pace to get up to speed with all exam content. Each course is filled with bite-size video and text lessons that provide comprehensive exam overviews. Paired with the lessons are multiple-choice quizzes you can use to assess your knowledge while tracking your progress through each course.
  • Practice tests. Our guides feature full length AEPA practice tests designed to refresh and improve your comprehension of important exam concepts. Benefit from hundreds of practice questions that mimic the style and format of questions you will encounter on the exams. After completing each test, you will receive a diagnostic report that pinpoints your correct answers and links you to course lessons that can strengthen any areas of weakness. We also offer an onscreen timer that keeps track of your testing speeds!
  • Informational resources. Enjoy access to AEPA resources that provide general information about the exams, including AEPA scores, costs, registration and the retake policy. Learn about test accommodation options and what to expect on exam day. Also, benefit from study tips and strategies that can help you earn passing scores!

By signing up with, you'll gain full access to all tools and resources available in our AEPA study guides. You can also benefit from 24/7 access to online tutors who can answer your questions about topics explored in the video courses. Other test prep features include our custom study planner, which helps you stay on top of your study schedule with regular email reminders, and our mobile app, which makes it easy to study on the go via any smartphone or tablet!

Not sure how to begin your AEPA prep? Take one of our free 15-question practice tests to determine how familiar you are with topics covered on the exam you plan to take. The practice test offers a mini diagnostic report that highlights concepts you fully grasp and details ways we can help improve your knowledge of areas you don't yet understand.

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