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The AFOQT exam is designed to help Air Force personnel enter officer commissioning programs like Officer Training School as well as training programs for air battle managers, combat systems officers and pilots. The exam also makes up a portion of the Pilot Candidate Selection Method score. To improve your ability to succeed on the exam, Study.com offers a vast array of study materials, including full-length AFOQT practice tests. With access to hundreds of questions, you can effectively refresh your knowledge of exam topics, enhance your test-taking skills and achieve the AFOQT test results you desire!

Our full-length practice tests strengthen your AFOQT prep by offering the following perks:

  • Test familiarity: We closely align our practice questions with those on the actual exam to familiarize you with its style and format.
  • Comprehensive exam overview: The AFOQT exam consists of 12 subtests, all of which are covered on our practice tests. Feel confident in your knowledge of math, reading comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, physical science and more!
  • Detailed reports: Each practice test ends with a complete diagnostic report that explains your correct answers and shares ways we can help improve your knowledge of concepts you don't fully understand.
  • Timed testing: Our onscreen timer shares how fast you answer exam questions and can be helpful in increasing your speeds.

We also offer a 15-queston practice test you can take free of charge to quickly assess your current knowledge of AFOQT concepts. The free exam's diagnostic report will direct you to materials that can strengthen any areas of weakness. While signing up with Study.com is needed to gain full access to our full-length practice tests and other study tools, it is not required to take our free practice test.

How else can Study.com enhance your preparation process? Our engaging AFOQT course offers an entertaining exploration of exam topics to ensure you grasp the basics of factoring, exponents, three-dimensional blocks, object visualization, atoms, human anatomy and more. The course is filled with bite-sized video lessons, full transcripts and multiple-choice quizzes you can access anytime. You can also reach out to online tutors with any questions you have about lesson topics.

To get you up to speed with general test information, including how much it costs, how to register and what to expect on exam day, we offer various AFOQT resources. Find out about exam scoring, test accommodations and the retake policy. Also, explore strategies to make your study process a success!

Our customizable planner can help keep your preparation schedule on track. Share with us the date you plan to complete your studies and we'll send regular email reminders to ensure you don't fall behind. If you want to prepare while away from your computer, take advantage of our mobile app. You can easily review our materials using your tablet or smartphone.

Preparing for the AFOQT exam is simple and effective with Study.com. To begin your journey, take our risk-free 15-question practice test today!

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