Allendale, Michigan (MI) Colleges and Universities

A total of 25 public and private post-secondary institutions are located within 25 miles of Allendale, Michigan. Review potential schools offering traditional academic programs by comparing a number of important statistics and criteria.

Prospective students in Allendale, Michigan, have the opportunity to study at 2-year and 4-year universities and colleges. To assist in the selection process for a school, information concerning proximity, student populations, net prices, and graduation rates are presented here, and gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Closest Schools to Allendale, Michigan

You can earn a certificate or an undergraduate degree in all of the schools located within about 17 miles of Allendale, Michigan. Some of the universities in the area also offer master's and doctorate programs. Out of the five nearest institutions, one is a community college.

  • Grand Valley State University (within the city)
  • Davenport University-Grand Rapids Downtown (13.9 miles)
  • Grand Rapids Community College (13.9 miles)
  • Hope College (15.6 miles)
  • Davenport University-Holland Location (16.1 miles)

Largest Schools Near Allendale, Michigan

The Grand Valley State University, a 4-year public institution, had the largest student population in Allendale, Michigan. It enrolled a total of 25,325 students in Fall 2015. The student body was predominantly composed of undergraduates with 21,972 total students. Other schools with large student populations near the city are public and private not-for-profit universities and colleges.

  • Grand Rapids Community College (14,926 students; all undergraduates)
  • Davenport University (8,142 students; 6,152 undergraduates)
  • Muskegon Community College (4,506; all undergraduates)
  • Calvin College (3,990; 3,869 undergardauates)
  • Hope College (3,392 students; all undergraduates)

Lowest Net Price

The net price is a result of subtracting any institutional or government aid a full-time undergraduate student received from the total cost of attendance. During the 2014-2015 academic year, net prices of traditional schools in Allendale, Michigan, ranged from about $4,300 to more than $26,000.

  • Muskegon Community College ($4,326)
  • Grand Rapids Community College ($4,565)
  • Grand Valley State University ($15,752)
  • Davenport University ($16,126)
  • Aquinas College ($17,551)

Highest Graduation Rate

A school's overall graduation rate is the percentage of full-time undergraduate students who complete a program within 150% of the 'normal' time (within six years for a bachelor's degree program, for example). In 2015, the five schools with the highest graduation rates near Allendale were:

  • Hope College (76%)
  • Calvin College (74%)
  • Grand Valley State University (67%)
  • Kuyper College (63%)
  • Cornerstone University (60%)

When selecting from all the available institutions in and around Allendale, Michigan, you might want to use the data from the NCES concerning school distances, enrollment numbers, net costs, and graduation rates to make an informed decision.

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