Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses with Course Descriptions

Anatomy and physiology courses examine the biological structure of living organisms and their components, such as organs, muscles and bones. Courses in these fields are widely available online through community colleges and universities.

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Online Anatomy and Physiology Courses

The overviews below highlight common online anatomy and physiology course offerings.

  • Introductory Anatomy and Physiology Course: Students in entry-level anatomy and physiology courses can expect a general overview of the systems and structure of the human body. In most introductory anatomy and physiology classes offered online, students are guided through the organized functions of the human body, including the endocrine, vascular and reproductive systems.
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology Course: This class concentrates on the relationship between structures and systems in the human body. Students in this course begin to study medical issues, such as allergic reactions and viruses. Online anatomy and physiology courses also discuss various maladies, cancers and diseases.
  • Neuroanatomy Course: Students focus on the structures and functions of specific parts of the human body. Neuroanatomy specifically studies the structure, organization and operation of the human brain and central nervous system. Online courses covering neuroanatomy make use of detailed computer programs to illustrate the complexity of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.
  • Medical Anatomy Course: In these classes, students will study anatomy with an emphasis on skills needed for medical professionals, for instance critical thinking skills needed to diagnose illness. Students will correlate the major structures of the human body to ultrasound and other diagnostic images in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of pathophysiology.
  • Human Embryology Course: An online course in embryology covers the relationship between a number of structures in the body, including the thorax, back, limbs, abdomen, neck and head. Students also learn about congenital malformations.
  • Medical Histology Course: Histology online courses explore the structures and functions of the cells and tissues that comprise various human organs. Coursework will discuss microscopic human anatomy, organ integrity and cellular disorders.
  • Exercise Physiology: This course looks at the effects of exercise, both short and long term, on the human body. Additional coursework will cover the development of exercise routines and how to prescribe them.

Program Information

Online courses in anatomy and physiology are offered as part of several undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree programs; they are especially prevalent in medical and health programs. Some institutions may also offer free, non-credit anatomy and physiology courses online for personal enrichment purposes.

Online classes in anatomy and physiology may use different technologies for lectures, examinations and tutoring. While many online anatomy and physiology courses have in-person laboratory requirements, certain schools may allow students to complete these requirements off campus. Furthermore, students may have to purchase certain equipment in order to perform this lab work at home.

You have the opportunity to enroll in a diverse number of anatomy and physiology courses through online learning. Topics could include introductory anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology or more, and can provide the outcome of a traditional course with more flexibility.

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