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How Long is the AP Exam?

Successful scores on an AP exam can mean college credits and/or advanced placement for classes in college. Get information about test times and schedules in order to be prepared for the AP Exams.

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AP Exam Locations Near Me

AP exams are usually ordered by your school when you register for the course. However, if your school doesn't offer AP courses, you can still find out where AP exams are administered and learn how to find the closest AP exam location to you.

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What's the AP Exam Schedule?

AP exams are offered once a year over a two week period. Read on to get information on exam dates and schedules, as well as test preparation information.

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How To Check AP Exam Scores

If you're trying to earn credit for college by taking an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, keep reading to learn how to check your scores on any AP test and find out when scores are available.

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AP Resources

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The AP program offers dozens of college-level exams high school students can take to earn credit, advanced placement or both at colleges and universities around the world. Find out more about this program and how best to succeed on an upcoming exam with help from Study.com! We offer a complete collection of informational AP resources that can clarify any steps you should take before the day of your exam. You'll also learn what to expect on test day and in the weeks to follow.

Our AP resources can teach you everything you need to know about the AP program and its exams. Learn all about the purpose of the AP exam, and find out specific details about AP scores. Our resources provide insight into the AP registration process, how much exams cost, accommodations that can be made on exam day and specific details about the retake policy. We explain how best to prepare for the day of the test and provide fantastic tips and strategies to make your study process successful!

You can gain full access to our AP resources and other amazing study tools found in our AP study guides after signing up with Study.com. But first, take one of our free 15-question practice tests to gauge your current knowledge of key concepts covered on your chosen AP exam! Browse our study guides to find one that matches your corresponding AP exam, then take the accompanying free test. Upon completion, you will receive a diagnostic report that pinpoints areas of strength and weakness and recommends ways we can help you master the exam's content.

Use our AP courses to study any lessons identified in the free practice test's diagnostic report as ones that can improve your knowledge of exam concepts. You can also review every lesson in an AP course to get a well-rounded understanding of the entire exam. The lessons, which are available as videos and full transcripts, are easy to comprehend and feature multiple-choice quizzes you can use to measure your progress. If you need to clarify any details presented in our courses, online tutors are accessible 24/7 to answer your lesson topic questions!

Our full-length AP practice tests can help quickly build confidence in your exam knowledge and test-taking skills. Similar to the free practice test, our full-length tests provide in-depth diagnostic reports that identify and explain your correct answers and point you to lessons in our AP courses that can help you make improvements. All of our practice tests are designed to emulate the style, format and content of actual AP exams. We offer hundreds of questions to provide the practice you need!

Stay on top of your study schedule by taking advantage of our custom study planner. By telling us the date you want to complete your test preparations, we'll send you regular emails to keep you on track. If you have a busy schedule or want to study on the go, download our mobile app. You can access our video courses, practice tests and informational resources from any location!

Enjoying a well-rounded AP test prep experience is simple with Study.com. By taking advantage of comprehensive AP resources, video courses and practice tests, you can build your AP knowledge in no time. Starting with us requires absolutely no obligations, so begin your journey by taking one of our 15-question practice tests today!

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