Articles about College Prep

Applying to college can be a very exciting time for high school seniors and other potential students, but it can also be very stressful. This section contains articles about college prep that can help you with choosing a college and preparing for admission. There is information on college tours, tips for choosing a college and info on the ACT & SAT test. Students may also be interested to read the articles on the application process, including tips for a good admissions application and tips for a personal interview.

Actuarial Mathematics Degree

Students who are interested in a bachelor's degree program in actuarial mathematics can learn about the degree and different factors to consider when choosing a program. Find out about common courses and career opportunities below.

Advanced Manufacturing Degree Programs

Degrees in advanced manufacturing are offered in various schools across the country. When selecting a degree program, students will likely want to take a number of factors into consideration, some of which will be discussed in the article.

Advantages of Attending a State University: An Overview

Still looking for the right college or university? There are pros and cons to every institution, from small private liberal arts colleges to sprawling public universities. Read on to learn more about the advantages of state universities and find...

Applying to College - Tips for Choosing a College

Let's face it - applying to college can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like there are a million universities, colleges and institutes to choose from. This article lists questions that can be used to help you choose a school.

Bachelor of Administrative Studies

Administrative studies programs focus on business theory and practices that can be applied to a number of industries. Learn about this degree program's admission requirements, coursework and career options in this overview.

Bachelor's Degrees In Poultry Science

Poultry science is growing worldwide, and a bachelor's degree is offered at several colleges in the United States. This article offers detailed information about this degree, as well as some career information.

Bachelor's of Science in Computational Mathematics

Bachelor of Science degree programs in computational mathematics are widely available. We will discuss admission requirements, common coursework, and possible careers that could be obtained with this degree.

Business & Managerial Economics Major

Students have a number of programs to choose from that offer majors in business and managerial economics. This article discusses coursework in these programs, admission requirements, how to select a program, and what types of jobs may be...

Business Analytics Undergraduate Degree Programs

Business analytics majors learn to analyze big data to develop insights for businesses. This article looks at the nature of programs offering business analytics majors, common courses students take, admission requirements and career options for...

Canadian Studies Degree Programs

A degree in Canadian Studies might be very helpful in different areas, including business, foreign service, and travel. Some important information is contained in this article about Canadian Studies programs, as well as several employment...

Child Advocacy Degree Programs

Child advocacy is a field dedicated to promoting optimal care for children. Since it's an emerging field, the number of colleges offering undergraduate degree programs is limited. These colleges offer comprehensive programs that span multiple...

Costume Design Degree Programs

Costume design is not only for the theater; a costume design program opens doors to other design careers. This article discusses some important information about costume design programs and several career options for those who complete the program.

Data Analytics Degree Online Programs

Have you been thinking about pursuing an online degree in data analytics? Read on to learn about courses you will take, admission requirements, and other expectations for this new adventure in your life!

Entertainment Technology Bachelor's Degree

Entertainment productions, including live concerts, live theater productions and musical shows in amusement parks, all need someone with advanced technical skills to manage the technical aspects. Learn some key information about a bachelor's...

Environmental Chemistry Bachelor's Degree Programs

Those who love chemistry and the environment can pursue a bachelor's degree in environmental chemistry. Find out about this degree program, how to select the right program for you and career opportunities for the degree.

Environmental Sustainability Degree Programs

Environmental sustainability degrees are offered as both arts and science degree programs. Students can focus their studies on specific sustainability issues, such as energy, or pursue general studies in this field.

Find Your Perfect School: The Search Begins Now

Choosing a school for an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, certificate or diploma program is one of the most influential decisions a person can make. A quality education is important for your personal and professional life and requires a...

Fundraising Certificate Programs Online

A fundraising certificate can be an important step in becoming a fundraising professional. Let's explore the admission requirements, common courses, and potential careers associated with online fundraising certificate programs.

General Science Degree: Requirements & Programs

While some occupations may require a very narrow scope of postsecondary studies, a general science degree allows students to tailor their coursework and can lead to many career options. This article looks at how to qualify for a general science...

Geomorphology Degree Programs

Geomorphology involves studying Earth, how it's been shaped and how it's currently being reshaped. There are a limited number of degrees specifically in geomorphology but some geology programs offer concentrations in this field.

Geophysical Engineering Degree Programs

Learn about geophysical engineering bachelor's degree programs, including courses you might take, how to apply and how to choose a program. Read on for career and salary information for a degree in this field.

High School Students: Start Early & Plan for College Success

High school students: Thinking about college? There are things you can do to prepare for the next step as early as your freshman year. Start planning now to improve your chances of success in postsecondary admissions and academics.

How to Prepare for College Admission Interviews

Even if your prospective college or university doesn't require admissions interviews, you should consider arranging one. Interviews offer you an opportunity to make personal connections and learn more about the institution. Follow these tips for...

Human Physiology Degree Programs

Those unsure if they are interested in a medical career or a future in scientific research may want to consider studying human physiology. A degree in human physiology provides a solid academic foundation for opportunities in both fields.

Hydrogeology Degree Programs

Learn about hydrogeology bachelor's degree programs, including admission information, course descriptions, and how to choose a program. Read on for details about careers in this field.

Industrial Distribution Degree Programs

A degree in industrial distribution can prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in areas such as sales, logistics and management. Programs may differ in their focus so it is helpful for students to consider career goals when choosing a...

Integrative Studies Bachelor's Degree

Integrative studies programs have a great deal of flexibility and can lead to careers in a wide range of fields. Read on to learn what an integrative studies degree is and what some career options for graduates with a degree in this field are.

Interaction Design Degree Programs

Students interested in design and website development may be interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree program in interaction design. Here we discuss admission requirements, common coursework and possible careers for this degree program.

Labor Studies Degree Programs

Learn about bachelor's degree programs in labor studies. Get information about the admission requirements, course descriptions and possible careers, as well as how to choose the right program for you.

Medicinal Chemistry Degree Programs

Learn about the requirements and coursework for programs in medicinal chemistry. Get ideas for potential career paths in this field, and information on how to choose a medicinal chemistry program.

Military Leadership Degrees

Learn about military leadership bachelor's degree programs, including the admission requirements, coursework, and how to choose. Explore potential career options for a degree in this field.

Military Studies Degree Programs

This article contains descriptions and information about a degree in military studies or military science. Find out about admittance requirements, common coursework, and employment opportunities.

Mining Engineering Degree Requirements

Those interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree in mining engineering must meet various admissions requirements and complete the required coursework in the field. Learn about these requirements, as well as possible career options.

Motorsport Engineering Degree

Anyone interested in a motorsports engineering program will have a few options open to them. This article contains some vital information about several motorsport engineering programs, as well as various employment opportunities for after someone...

Nanotechnology Degree Programs

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing field in a variety of areas such as electrical engineering technology or biotechnology. This article offers some vital information about nanotechnology programs and several employment opportunities for anyone...

Native American Studies Programs Online

Native American Studies is a growing field of inquiry that can be found offered online from schools across the country. This article gives you essential details about these online study programs and some related career statistics as well.

Neurobiology Degree Programs

This article details information on bachelor's degree programs in neurobiology. Read on to learn about admission requirements, typical coursework, and career options, as well as how to decide if a particular program is right for you.

Online Labor Studies Degree Programs

Interested in learning more about online bachelor's degrees in labor studies? Here's what you need to know about admissions, course offerings, and job outlook.

Online Military Studies Degree Programs

Those of you who are interested in an online bachelor's degree in military studies will find that select schools now offer programs in the field. We've gathered important admissions, coursework, and career information that will get you headed in...

Operations Research Undergraduate Degree Programs

Operations research majors the mathematical masterminds behind business operations. In addition to examining the admission requirements and courses associated with operations research programs, we'll highlight a few career options graduates may...

Paleobiology Degree Programs

Paleobiologists study the fossilized remains of plants, animals, and any biological systems to learn about the prehistoric world and species' evolution. Degrees in paleobiology require coursework in biology, chemistry, geology, math, and phyiscs.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree Programs

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a high-level research and development career in a rapidly growing field. Read on to learn information and requirements of bachelor's degree programs in this field.

Piano Pedagogy Degree Programs

Learn about piano pedagogy programs, including admission requirements, typical coursework, and how to choose a program. Get salary and job outlook information for a degree in piano pedagogy.

Planetary Science Undergraduate Programs

Planetary science has been growing steadily in recent years as an undergraduate program. This article gives information about such programs as well as some related career opportunities for people with this degree.

Portuguese Bachelor's Degree Programs

A degree in Portuguese can open many doors in different areas including business, sales, travel and translation. This article offers some important information about Portuguese programs as well as several career opportunities for those holding...

Pre-Optometry Programs & Courses

Undergraduate students who consider studying optometry have many options. This article looks at programs designed to prepare students for studies in optometry, as well as general programs that may fulfill optometry program admission requirements.

Quantitative Biology Degree Programs

Learn about what it means to pursue a bachelor's degree in quantitative biology, including the admission requirements, coursework and how to choose a program. Read on for quantitative biology career information.

Radiation Health Physics Programs

Students interested in working in public health may consider a bachelor's degree program in radiation health physics. Find out about this degree program, its admission requirements, typical coursework and how to choose a program.

Rehabilitation Sciences Bachelor's Degree Programs

As the population ages more people are affected by disabilities, chronic pain and medical conditions that affect their abilities. A degree in rehabilitation sciences is ideal for preparing individuals to work with people who have various health...

Should You Select a Major or Declare Undecided on Your Application?

Deciding on a major can be difficult for students who are unsure of their future academic or career goals. This article discusses when it's appropriate to remain undecided and when it's necessary to declare a major.

Social Media Bachelor's Degree

With the popularity of laptops, tablets and smartphones, businesses have found a need for people with a strong background in social media. Information about bachelor degree programs in this field can be found in this article, along with some...

Social Media Degree Programs Online

The use of social media is growing throughout the business and marketing world. This article gives you information about online degree programs in social media as well as the outlook for careers in this field.

Sustainability Degree Programs

Sustainability is the study of how populations can live and grow more responsibly. This article provides detail to help you decide if a degree program in sustainability is right for you.

Theme Park Management Degree Programs

If learning all of the ins and outs of theme parks sounds interesting you, keep reading to find out what you need to know about admissions, coursework, and career possibilities available to you by looking into theme park management programs.

Theoretical & Mathematical Physics Major

Students who major in theoretical and mathematical physics will be required to take a number of courses that expose them to introductory and advanced concepts in these two fields. Degree programs in this field will be discussed in greater detail.

Tips for a Good College Admission Application

If you've been putting off filling out your college application or you're just not sure where to begin, then take a look at the tips below that can help you get started.

Tips on Making the Most of Your Campus Tours

Visiting a campus can help a student decide what college he or she wants to attend. This article discusses how to make the most of a campus visit.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations Degree Programs

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operators fly drones for private companies, government agencies and the military. This article gives you vital information about a degree plan in UAS as well as the coursework and prospects for employment upon...

User Interface Design Degree Online Programs

User interface designers are responsible for shaping the way we interact with hardware and software. Degree programs in this field focus on a combination of psychology, graphic design, and computer programming.

User Interface Design Degree Programs

Do you love the idea of creating a human-friendly experience for technology and computer users? Check out the requirements for entering a user interface design program, including admissions and course offerings!

What's the Difference Between the ACT and SATs?

This article describes key differences between the ACT and the SATs, including subject matter, type of test and scores.

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