Glossary of College Articles

  • Social Media Marketing Degree Programs Online

    Social media marketing jobs are expected to increase over the next 10 years. Additionally, degrees in this field can be attained online through many schools. Find out what it takes to get a degree in social media marketing.

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  • Coastal Environmental Science Degree

    Coastal environmental science degrees are multidisciplinary in nature, combining studies from a number of different scientific fields. This article discusses these degrees in greater detail to provide prospective students with information if they are considering enrolling in one of these programs.

  • Social Media Communications Degree

    Social media communications degrees are not widely available, but students who are interested in this field do have a few options when deciding what type of degree to pursue. This article covers those options in greater detail by focusing on admission requirements, curriculum, and potential career paths.

  • Demography & Population Studies Degree Programs

    Graduate programs in demography and population studies examine factors impacting human populations including economics, health, and migration. Available largely at the doctoral level, these programs emphasize quantitative social science research.

  • Best Online Master's in Taxation Programs

    With the increase in demand for degrees in taxation, many schools are offering online programs to students. We'll take a look at few of the top programs and their respective entrance requirements.

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  • Best Associate's Degrees for the Future

    Future-oriented students maybe interested in a number of different associate's degree programs that have favorable job growth outlooks. We will look at five different associate's degree programs in greater detail in this article

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  • Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs Online Programs

    There are several online master's degree programs in regulatory affairs available for students that offer individualized plans of study. Find out about the programs, common coursework and some admissions standards.

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  • Jobs for Science PhDs Outside of Academia

    Graduates with a science PhD have plenty of career options outside of academia across different fields, such as research and management. Learn more about some of these positions, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

  • Juris Doctor vs. Master of Law

    Students trying to decide between earning a Juris Doctor or a Master of Laws degree program should consider their career goals. Learn more about each degree program, some of their differences and admissions requirements.

  • LLM in Taxation vs. MS in Taxation

    Master of Laws in Taxation and Master of Science in Taxation degree programs are usually designed for students with different backgrounds and career interests. Compare and contrast these degree programs and their admission requirements.

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  • PhD in Regulatory Science: Salary & Jobs

    With its interdisciplinary nature, an advanced degree in regulatory science prepares students for diverse careers across several different fields. Learn about some of the jobs available for those with a PhD in the field and potential salaries.

  • PhD in Regulatory Science Programs

    A PhD program in regulatory science is hard to find but will include coursework in risk management, clinical trial design, submission to the FDA, and the laws regulating medical products. Keep reading to learn more about program requirements.

  • PhD in Pharmacology: Salary & Jobs

    Graduates with a PhD in Pharmacology have several careers available to them in the sciences. Compare and contrast some of these job options by looking at their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

  • Master's in Regulatory Science Programs

    The most common coursework in a regulatory science master's degree program involves the study of research ethics, modern issues in gene therapy, how medical devices are regulated, and the management of risk.

  • PhD in Medicinal Chemistry: Salary & Jobs

    A PhD in Medicinal Chemistry equips students for several different high-paying jobs in science. Find out about some of these jobs, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

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  • Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs: Salary & Jobs

    A master's degree in regulatory affairs can help graduates remain competitive in this field by exposing them to topics ranging from compliance to leadership. Find out about some jobs that are available to graduates with this degree.

  • Best Double Major with Psychology

    One of the best majors you can pair with psychology is management, as it will unlock opportunities in business and teach valuable leadership skills. Read on to learn more about this double major program.

  • Best College Degrees for the Future

    A look at some of the best bachelor's degrees for soon-to-be or current college students, based on the expected job growth and salaries of different occupations.

  • Master of Biostatistics vs. Epidemiology

    Students interested in earning a master's degree in the field of public health may pursue one in biostatistics or epidemiology. Find out more about each degree, including common coursework and career outcomes, as well as admissions requirements.

  • Double Major in Biology & Psychology

    Biology and psychology both apply to the study of human beings, so there is a great deal of overlap in topics covered by coursework. A double major may have benefits, and you can read more to find out.

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  • Double Major in Chemistry & Physics

    Chemistry and physics are two of the main disciplines in the physical sciences, so there is a great deal of overlap in topics covered by coursework. A double major may have benefits, and you can read more to find out.

  • Associate's in Chemical Technology Degree Programs

    Associate's degree programs in chemical technology ensure graduates have the writing, research and safety skills needed to work with chemicals. This article looks at common subject areas as well as different program and career options.

  • SAS Certificate Programs

    SAS is a software suite that performs statistical analysis. Learn about some of the typical characteristics of an SAS undergraduate certificate program, including common coursework and how to choose between different programs.

  • Science, Technology & Society Degree Programs & Jobs

    Programs in science, technology and society allow students to pursue specific areas of interest while exploring the relationship between science, technology and society. This article looks at program options and career outcomes for this degree.

  • Intelligence Analyst Degree Programs

    Degree programs in intelligence may emphasize different aspects of security. Students considering this field should consider their specific area of interest to choose a program that emphasizes the security field they're interested in.

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  • Biostatistics Master's Programs Online

    Online master's programs in biostatistics are rare. These programs require that students take a number of public health related courses. This article provides a general overview, a sampling of common courses and typical admission requirements.

  • Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs Programs

    Students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree in regulatory affairs can do so in an on-campus format. We will discuss the course requirements for these programs, as well as admission requirements.

  • Community Health & Preventative Medicine Major

    There are a number of institutions throughout the United States that offer bachelor's degrees focusing on community health & preventative medicine. Careers in this field usually revolve around interacting with people and advocating for health public policy initiatiaves.

  • Health Degrees that Pay Well

    For individuals who are interested in working in the healthcare field, there are a number of high-paying career options available, and even some that only require a bachelor's degree. We will look at one of these degree programs.

  • Chemical Biology Degree Programs

    Learn about chemical biology bachelor's degree programs. Find out detailed information on admission requirements, courses, and how to choose the program that best matches your interests and career goals.

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  • Environmental Economics Degree Programs

    This article explores what it means to enroll in a bachelor's degree program in environmental economics. It provides information on admission requirements, course descriptions, career options and how to choose the right program.

  • Healthcare Analytics Certificate Programs

    Healthcare analytics certificate programs prepare graduates to work effectively with healthcare data and use that information to produce informed recommendations intended to improve the healthcare system. Find out more about this program and its requirements here.

  • Global Health Degree Programs

    Global health professionals try to understand population health problems and seek solutions by taking culture, politics and biology into account. Keep reading to learn about global health degree programs, including coursework, admission requirements, and how to choose the best program for you.

  • List of the 20 Best Universities and Colleges in the World

    Top universities and colleges can be recognized by their world-class faculty, range of academic activities and cutting edge research facilities. Find out more about the best universities and colleges in the world.

  • Logic Degree Programs

    Philosophy and mathematics at their most advanced level are turning to the more recent field of logic to advance different theories in various fields. This article gives you information about this new and growing field along with some career info for after graduation.

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  • Taking Harder Tests Makes You Smarter

    All students have had that class where they felt lost from day one, and facing challenging new material can be very frustrating. Education Insider takes a look at research in memory and educational psychology that suggests that guesswork is good for learning - even if you're getting it wrong.

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  • How Colleges Can Fight Binge-Drinking on Campus

    In a September 2011 editorial for 'The Chronicle of Higher Education,' college professor Claire Potter offers up a bold message to higher ed institutions: your students are alcoholics, and they're drinking themselves into failure. Is she right? If so, what should schools do about it?

  • What the Charter School Movement Means for College Students

    From popular documentary films like 'Waiting for Superman' to President Obama's ringing endorsement, charter schools have become one of the hottest topics in current education. How does their presence affect the college students among us?

  • Generation Limbo Survival Guide

    A May 2011 piece in 'The Huffington Post' reported the troubling statistic that as many as half of all college graduates under 25 are underutilized when it comes to their jobs - they're either unemployed, underemployed or working in fields that don't require degrees, often for low pay. Considering the massive amounts of debt many college graduates now face, that's a problem. How can the 20-somethings of so-called 'Generation Limbo' tough it out?

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  • Tough Road for Undocumented Students After College Graduation

    While undocumented students in 13 states have scored a victory by being allowed to pay in-state tuition for public colleges, this victory could be considered short-lived. Once those same students have graduated, their problems have just begun - they've got to find a job. And while landing employment can be challenging for any college graduate in these tough economic times, those without legal status face a particularly tough uphill battle.

  • Colleges See a Significant Increase in Hispanic Enrollment

    College enrollment is on the rise across the United States and somewhat surprisingly, considering past statistics, much of the increase is being seen from the Hispanic population. According to the latest numbers, nearly 350,000 more Hispanics enrolled in college from 2009 to 2010. Education Insider examines this trend and the impact it may or may not have on the number of Hispanics who finish school and attain a college degree.

  • 'America's Team' Draws Ire by Using Overseas Sweatshops

    The Dallas Cowboys, long referred to as 'America's Team', apparently does not have the entire country on their side when it comes to the manufacturing and distributing of college apparel. The latest venture by the owner of the Cowboys has been met with opposition at two college campuses that could rival the opposition the team faces on the field during the NFL season. Education Insider takes a closer look at why some are protesting this new merchandising affiliate.

  • Should Professors and Students Be Friends?

    College can serve as the ideal time to make as many new friends as possible, but can friendships between students and their professors get in the way of the learning process? Education Insider takes a look at if in these cases making new friends can be a bad idea.

  • How to Skip the Textbook and Still Earn an A

    College students face enough financial hardship just paying tuition fees. But with rising costs for textbooks, how can students ensure a good education when they can't afford to purchase textbooks and other materials? Here are a few strategies.

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