Glossary of College Articles

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  • Best Business Double Major Combo

    Completing two majors may give you a valuable edge on the job market. Continue reading to learn more about where a double business major combination could lead.

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  • Engineering & Finance Double Major

    Earning a double major in engineering and finance involves a great deal of academic planning. Find out what it takes to earn a double major degree in engineering and finance, and discover your future career options!

  • Economics & Finance Double Major

    This article provides an overview of the economics and finance double major and equips students with information on some coursework included. Factors to consider when choosing the appropriate economics and finance double major and the career outlook will also be discussed.

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  • Geosystems Engineering Degree Programs

    Geosystems engineering is a niche discipline that stems from civil, environmental and petroleum engineering. A degree in this field opens doors to some exciting and challenging opportunities, provided you are interested in exploring and doing research.

  • Nanotechnology Engineering Degree Programs & Requirements

    Nanotechnology engineering is a rapidly growing field with a lot of opportunities. It involves the design and development of materials and devices that are not visible to the human eye. This article is an insight into Nanotechnology programs and what they offer.

  • Computer Science & Computer Engineering Double Major

    By earning a double major degree in computer science and computer engineering, candidates can learn how to build their own computer hardware, software, and processes. Find out more about what you can do with this double major!

  • Game Design Degree vs. Computer Science

    Game designers can come from a variety of backgrounds, including both game design and computer science degree programs. Here are a few options to consider as you choose the best path for your career in game design.

  • Accounting & Finance Double Major Benefits

    Combined studies in accounting and finance prepare candidates for their future business careers through rigorous coursework in a standard four-year undergraduate program. Find out more about earning a double major in finance and accounting!

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  • Math & Physics Double Major

    Math and physics double major programs could propel students toward careers in physics, astronomy or statistics. Read the article to know admission requirements, coursework and possible careers.

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  • Best Computer & IT Degrees for the Future

    In this article, we share the best computer and IT degrees for the future, including typical admission requirements and coursework. We also provide information about careers, including median salaries and projected job growth.

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  • Social Media Marketing Degree Programs Online

    Social media marketing jobs are expected to increase over the next 10 years. Additionally, degrees in this field can be attained online through many schools. Find out what it takes to get a degree in social media marketing.

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  • Coastal Environmental Science Degree

    Coastal environmental science degrees are multidisciplinary in nature, combining studies from a number of different scientific fields. This article discusses these degrees in greater detail to provide prospective students with information if they are considering enrolling in one of these programs.

  • Social Media Communications Degree

    Social media communications degrees are not widely available, but students who are interested in this field do have a few options when deciding what type of degree to pursue. This article covers those options in greater detail by focusing on admission requirements, curriculum, and potential career paths.

  • Demography & Population Studies Degree Programs

    Graduate programs in demography and population studies examine factors impacting human populations including economics, health, and migration. Available largely at the doctoral level, these programs emphasize quantitative social science research.

  • Best Online Master's in Taxation Programs

    With the increase in demand for degrees in taxation, many schools are offering online programs to students. We'll take a look at a few of the top programs and their respective entrance requirements.

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  • Best Associate's Degrees for the Future

    Future-oriented students maybe interested in a number of different associate's degree programs that have favorable job growth outlooks. We will look at five different associate's degree programs in greater detail in this article

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  • Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs Online Programs

    There are several online master's degree programs in regulatory affairs available for students that offer individualized plans of study. Find out about the programs, common coursework and some admissions standards.

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  • Jobs for Science PhDs Outside of Academia

    Graduates with a science PhD have plenty of career options outside of academia across different fields, such as research and management. Learn more about some of these positions, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

  • Juris Doctor vs. Master of Law

    Students trying to decide between earning a Juris Doctor or a Master of Laws degree program should consider their career goals. Learn more about each degree program, some of their differences and admissions requirements.

  • LLM in Taxation vs. MS in Taxation

    Master of Laws in Taxation and Master of Science in Taxation degree programs are usually designed for students with different backgrounds and career interests. Compare and contrast these degree programs and their admission requirements.

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  • PhD in Regulatory Science: Salary & Jobs

    With its interdisciplinary nature, an advanced degree in regulatory science prepares students for diverse careers across several different fields. Learn about some of the jobs available for those with a PhD in the field and potential salaries.

  • PhD in Regulatory Science Programs

    A PhD program in regulatory science is hard to find but will include coursework in risk management, clinical trial design, submission to the FDA, and the laws regulating medical products. Keep reading to learn more about program requirements.

  • PhD in Pharmacology: Salary & Jobs

    Graduates with a PhD in Pharmacology have several careers available to them in the sciences. Compare and contrast some of these job options by looking at their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

  • Master's in Regulatory Science Programs

    The most common coursework in a regulatory science master's degree program involves the study of research ethics, modern issues in gene therapy, how medical devices are regulated, and the management of risk.

  • PhD in Medicinal Chemistry: Salary & Jobs

    A PhD in Medicinal Chemistry equips students for several different high-paying jobs in science. Find out about some of these jobs, their median salaries and expected job growth rates.

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  • Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs: Salary & Jobs

    A master's degree in regulatory affairs can help graduates remain competitive in this field by exposing them to topics ranging from compliance to leadership. Find out about some jobs that are available to graduates with this degree.

  • Best Double Major with Psychology

    One of the best majors you can pair with psychology is management, as it will unlock opportunities in business and teach valuable leadership skills. Read on to learn more about this double major program.

  • Best College Degrees for the Future

    A look at some of the best bachelor's degrees for soon-to-be or current college students, based on the expected job growth and salaries of different occupations.

  • Master of Biostatistics vs. Epidemiology

    Students interested in earning a master's degree in the field of public health may pursue one in biostatistics or epidemiology. Find out more about each degree, including common coursework and career outcomes, as well as admissions requirements.

  • Double Major in Biology & Psychology

    Biology and psychology both apply to the study of human beings, so there is a great deal of overlap in topics covered by coursework. A double major may have benefits, and you can read more to find out.

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