Glossary of Military Articles

  • International Security Jobs for Veterans

    Find out how the traits of veterans can be utilized in international security. Learn about the roles of supervisory immigration services officers, intelligence specialists, IT cybersecurity specialists, security specialists, and security engineering officers.

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  • Coast Guard Civilian Intelligence Jobs

    Many different occupations exist within the field of Coast Guard civilian intelligence, including software developers and general and operations managers. Most of the time, these roles will require extensive computer work.

  • Exercise Science Careers in the Military

    Find out how the traits of an exercise scientist can fit in the military. Learn about the roles of rheumatologists, registered nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapy assistants, and community and recreation specialists.

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  • What are the Benefits of ROTC?

    Students who would like to learn more about the benefits of ROTC programs can do so by reading this article, which provides a detailed look at the three types of available ROTC programs and the similarities and differences among them.

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  • HBCUs With Air Force ROTC

    This article explores Historically Black Colleges and Universities with Air Force ROTC programs, including scholarship details, tuition, and what each AFROTC program offers its cadets.

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  • Best Military Colleges in Virginia

    There are three military colleges in the state of Virginia. They educate and train students in leadership skills and military regulations. We will discuss these colleges in greater detail.

  • New York City ROTC Colleges

    Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs are available for prospective students interested in the military culture. We have listed 5 New York City colleges that offer ROTC.

  • Best Trade Schools for Veterans

    The trade schools included here may be considered the best for military students because they offer programs of study that help Veterans transition seamlessly to the civilian sector. We have listed five colleges that prospective students may consider attending.

  • National Guard ROTC Schools

    The National Guard Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is available for prospective students interested in leadership and military training and enlisted soldiers aspiring to be commissioned second lieutenants. We have listed five colleges that offer National Guard ROTC.

  • ROTC Colleges in Michigan

    Learn about the colleges in Michigan with military ROTC programs, and get details on the programs themselves including student activities, coursework and benefits.

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  • Best Government Jobs for Military Spouses

    Being married to a service member may not always accommodate regular permanent jobs, but this article describes a number of flexible government jobs that military spouses can pursue as they move from station to station alongside their spouses.

  • Military Scholarships for Law School

    Military scholarships for law school help military service members and veterans obtain their law degree. Some scholarships are sponsored by law firms who wish to demonstrate their appreciation for dedicated military service.

  • Vocational Training Careers for Veterans

    Vocational training gives veterans the credentials and training needed to meet the standards required in civilian trade careers. Here are five careers for veterans and the vocational training required for them to get hired and to be productive.

  • Disabled Veterans College Benefits for Dependents

    College benefits are available to dependents of disabled veterans to help dependents meet their educational goals. Find out more about financial assistance for dependents as well as award amounts and requirements.

  • Weaponry Careers for Veterans

    Weaponry careers are best suited for persons who have the interest and experience of working with weapons. Military experience is particularly an added advantage. This article describes weaponry careers that veterans can pursue.

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  • Military Genetics Careers

    The study of genetic content in the DNA helps to predict character, the occurrence of disease, and other similarly important factors. This article details the career of a clinical geneticist, the only genetics-focused career in the United States Military.

  • Army Wife Jobs on Base

    An Army wife may find herself moving from one base to another depending on her husband's deployment. While moving regularly may disorient life, especially a career, it helps to have a job that can accommodate this movement, one that can be done on base. This article describes five of these careers.

  • Hands-On Jobs in the Air Force

    In the Air Force, these are some jobs that involve more hands-on activities than others to perform the tasks required. We will explore jobs such as HVAC specialists, dental assistants, and even astronauts.

  • Educational Benefits Under the GI Bill

    This article explores the educational benefits available under the GI Bill. These benefits help Veterans, servicemembers, their children, and spouses pay for their education. Each benefit is discussed along with the requirements that need to be met to qualify for these benefits.

  • Careers in Military Robotics

    The military has a number of robotics careers that involve using automated systems and technologically advanced equipment to perform different tasks. This article describes five of the careers in military robotics.

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  • Military-Friendly Master's Degree Programs

    Whether pursuing an officer position or transitioning to a civilian career, military personnel can benefit from earning a master's degree. Learn about the schools that offer master's degree programs with benefits tailored for military-affiliated students.

  • Air Force Scholarships for Dependents

    This article analyzes scholarship programs for dependents of service members serving in the Air Force. Dependents are eligible not just for those specific to the Air Force but select others for dependents of other service members' categories.

  • College Scholarships & Grants for Military Spouses

    Learn about the scholarship and grant opportunities that exist for spouses of military service members, including participating schools, award amounts, degree types and eligible fields of study.

  • How & When to Apply for an ROTC Scholarship

    If you are wondering how to go about the process of applying for an ROTC scholarship, this article will provide you with insight on the requirements, the process of application and the specific time to make your application!

  • Law School Grants for Veterans

    Veterans pursuing law degrees can receive grants based on their eligibility. This article describes several grants including the Yellow Ribbon Program offered in various universities. Some of the programs even allow unused grants to be passed on to dependents.

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  • Secret Service Jobs for Veterans

    The Secret Service has a commitment to employing veterans. They offer many opportunities for those who served in the U.S. Military, and below you will find a list of some of the jobs they offer.

  • Gunsmithing Schools for Veterans

    Military service can yield experience and skill in the areas of mechanics, science, technology, firearm usage, and much more that can be applied to the trade of gunsmithing. We have compiled a list of gunsmithing schools in the United States that are veteran friendly.

  • Best Military-Friendly MBA Programs

    With the G.I. Bill, more and more veterans and active military servicemen/women are looking to advance their careers with a Master of Business Administration. We have compiled a list of 6 colleges that offer the best military-friendly MBA programs.

  • Federal Internships for Veterans

    Entering into a civilian career following military service can seem daunting, but there are internship opportunities with federal agencies that help with this transition. Find out about some of the federal internships available for veterans.

  • Best Public University Army ROTC Programs

    Take a look at some of the public universities in the country with Army ROTC programs. Get details about the programs like the structure, activities and scholarship opportunities available to participating students.

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  • Colleges with Marine NROTC

    Learn which schools offer a Marine Option as part of their Navy ROTC. Get information on joining and participating in Marine NROTC, scholarship details, and more.

  • South Carolina Colleges with ROTC Programs

    Learn about the different schools in South Carolina with ROTC programs. Read about scholarship opportunities, school details, and how ROTC programs are structured.

  • ROTC Programs in Illinois

    Various colleges in Illinois offer Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs. Learn more about these schools' institute types, in-state tuition costs, and military benefits below.

  • Military Colleges in Maryland

    There are only two military colleges in Maryland, including a Naval academy and uniformed service university. Discover what makes these schools unique as it relates to tuition costs, institution types, and military benefits.

  • Wisconsin ROTC Colleges

    This article provides information on a number of Wisconsin colleges and universities with ROTC programs. The state offers Army, Air Force and Navy ROTC for interested students.

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  • Truck Driver & CDL Training for Veterans

    Veterans may find that trucking is a good career for their new civilian life, it offers good pay and benefits almost immediately. Discover some of the CDL trucking schools available for veterans.

  • Military Colleges in Illinois

    There are many excellent schools in Illinois for active military members and veterans, from large public institutions to revered private schools. Discover colleges in Illinois which accommodate and support military members.

  • Military Colleges in North Carolina

    There are a number of colleges and universities in North Carolina which offer programs and support for active military and veterans, and their families. Find and compare North Carolina schools to know which best suits your education needs.

  • Best Online Colleges for Active-Duty Military

    Get information about pursuing a college degree while on active duty. College courses may lead to active duty promotions or a better career in civilian life. Discover online colleges for service members.

  • Military-Friendly Physical Therapy Colleges

    Military students and veterans may decide to enroll in a physical therapy college in order to learn how to help people recover from illness and injury. Discover military-friendly physical therapy schools here.

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  • Marine NROTC Colleges in Michigan

    Students in Michigan have several choices for schools that have Marine NROTC (Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps) programs available. Here we discuss the two different institutions and the Marine NROTC program.

  • Navy ROTC Programs in Tennessee

    Students in Tennessee can participate in Navy ROTC at a few schools in the Nashville or Memphis areas. Here we discuss some of the differences between these schools' programs as well as their tuition rates.

  • 68W MOS Civilian Jobs

    The Army's 68W MOS position can be translated to several different civilian jobs. The five job titles outlined here are distinguished by salary, job growth rates, and military skills while providing a detailed description of what job seekers can expect.

  • Marine NROTC Colleges in Georgia

    The state of Georgia provides three unique Marine NROTC programs in Atlanta and Savannah. Learn about these schools, some cross-town school options and their NROTC program details.

  • Applied Science Careers for Veterans

    In the civilian workforce, veterans are highly regarded for their initiative, self-direction, and systematic planning and organizational abilities. These traits are also what it takes to succeed in applied sciences.

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  • Civil Engineering Jobs for Veterans

    Civil engineers are tasked with designing, constructing, and maintaining airfields, bridges, and other infrastructure. Gaining the right engineering experience in the military can translate into a meaningful career in civilian life.

  • Civilian Jobs for 92Y

    The U.S. Army's 92Y occupation translates to several different civilian jobs. Here, you can learn more about each career by reviewing pertinent information on job growth rates, salaries, and military skills.

  • Military Science Colleges

    Studying military science while getting your degree can jumpstart a career within the armed forces. Military science, which deals with the theory, strategy, and technology behind warfare, is usually offered as a minor or as part of ROTC.

  • 94M Civilian Jobs

    Five civilian jobs that are relevant to the 94M radar repairer position can be found here, along with information on expected salaries, job growth rates, and military skills. Learn more about your options to discover what position is best for you.

  • Part-Time Jobs for Veterans Going to School

    Veterans in school need a job that provides part-time hours and availability that works around their class schedule. Learn about some of these part-time jobs, why they may be a good fit for veterans and their median salaries.

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