Glossary of People's Choice Awards Articles

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  • Now Accepting Nominations for Education Resource People's Choice Award

    Is there a tool or resource that you could not survive school without? Do you want to share it with students around the world? Then nominate it for one of's Education Resource People's Choice Awards! We know how difficult getting an education can be and want to showcase all the creative ways that people make earning their degree easier, cheaper and just better overall.

  • OCW People's Choice Award Winners: Final List

    Thanks to everyone who participated in's OCW People's Choice Awards! Our first contest honoring the best of the Open Education Movement was a huge success. Read on to learn the full list of winners and to nominate your favorite education tools for our Education Resource People's Choice Awards.

  • OCW People's Choice Awards: Best OER (Non-Video)

    In this category, 'best' OER might also be taken to mean 'most complete.' Our nominees here all provide thorough OCW offerings in their areas of expertise, be they industrial design, physics or financial planning.

  • OCW People's Choice Award Winner: Most Open

    Openness is a key part of any OCW - after all, it's in the name. But what providers excel at giving their users a wealth of material to access and lots of different ways to do it? The nominees in this category all understand that to make courseware truly open, variety and depth are key.

  • OCW People's Choice Award Winner: Most Interactive

    This category held one of our most contentious races! Everyone here at was very excited to see which of these three amazing initiatives would take the prize of Most Interactive. The closeness of this race shows what a fantastic job each nominee has done to make its Open Education Resources engaging and fun to use.

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  • Vote Online for the 2011 OCW People's Choice Awards

    Voting has begun for the first-ever OCW People's Choice Awards. Please complete the online ballot to vote for the best initiatives in OpenCourseWare. Winners will be announced August 15. Voting has been extended to August 15!

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